Guild Wars 2: Taking A Look At The Wilds of Maguuma Jungle

Purdy. ArenaNet released a blog post that showed off the Maguuma Jungle we’ll be playing in the Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion. Let’s delve right in shall we?

The Heart Of Maguuma Teaser

What’s interesting is that this video showed off the 3 layers of the jungle Colin Johanson talked about at PAX South. I really like that we got to see this in order to get a feel of the layers. As for the jungle itself, I really like the forestry which really brings me back to GW1 Eye of The North. I especially like when some areas get dense to capture that “jungle feel” as if you’re in a more confined space. I did see some dragon like creatures flying around which made me wonder is if enemies could attack us while hang gliding; it would make for a fantastic mechanic to keep dodging relevant even in the air.

Some of the buildings in the trailer reminded me of Elonian/Asuran buildings and the Maguuma Jungle back in the original Guild Wars. It makes me wonder if there will be some side throwbacks to the White Mantle or even hints at Elona (even thought Elona is on the other side of the map).

There were also some dinosaurs and some small spiky looking creatures in addition to the creatures we saw in the Heart of Thorns announcement trailer. I really like how dinosaurs are still alive after 250 ish years so I wonder how they’ve evolved.


It seems that event chains in Heart of Thorns will be like how it’s done currently in Dry Top and The Silverwastes in the form of Outposts. The goal here is for the player to gain a better experience by more interactions happening at a certain area. I think it’s a good set way of understanding a chain of events and it’s honestly how I pictured dynamic events. What I would like is branching side events depending if an event succeeds or fails. It could be a tree-like structure of events to make this happen where an event triggers the chain (aka the root) and the end of the tree (aka the leaves) can signal the end of a chain. The chains don’t have to be too long or too complicated. Then again, maybe I’m asking for too much.


This is a set of new challenging content Guild Wars 2 is offering to players. Adventures are repeatable and can be found in the open world. Outputs can unlock more adventures. How adventures are described, it seems that it’ll be individual based but at times players could help. Also the challenges you can face vary such as completing a jumping puzzle in a certain amount of time or come in at least 3rd place in a race. Adventures will be a good thing and will definitely keep players busy. More achievement points to gain after all.

Challenging Content

No concrete word on what this will be other than more advance bosses than we’ve encountered. There’s also the phrase of “layered across other types of experiences” which has me interested so I’m very curious on the challenging content we’ll have. We’ll have to wait till the next blog post I guess.

All in all, the environment looks and feels jungle like and I can’t wait for more trailers on more Heart of Thorns content! We’ll be getting a sneak peak of the jungle via ArenaNet’s PvE show Points of Interest on Friday!

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