Age’s Site Update For February 2015


Hi everyone! I did it; I made an update post early for once, hopefully I’ll keep it up.

Guild Wars 2 news will not be lacking in the slightest since the news of Heart of Thorns expansion was announced at PAX South. I’ll be posting about any updates as soon as possible. Also I’ve been streaming a lot of GW2 lately especially with PvP (I’ve been really getting into it). There’s a link to my Twitch on the right if you’re interested.

League of Legends LCS  posts are still going up once a week. I’m going to try a different format for paragraphs as to not have all the information jumbled into one big paragraph. Also, DJ Sona is coming out! I have Pulsefire Ezreal and Spirit Guard Udyr so I’m not stopping now. This new Sona skin I’m especially excited for since I love EDM (electronic dance music).

Heroes of the Storm I hit max and now in the process of getting gold so I can play Hero League. I don’t really post on it or haven’t been streaming it lately but thought you should know.

My music project remixing GW2 songs is a bit slowed down mostly due to LCS and me trying to keep up a schedule. I’ve also been streaming at least once a week so I’m happy about that.

That’s this month’s update. Take care and happy gaming,


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