Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 2


It’s that time again folks! LCS time! Most subs are out and enough games have been played to determine how teams are doing, so let’s have a look.

Europe Week 2

Let’s start out with Fnatic. They still keep their winning streak alive even though the games they played were way closer. It seems they had an issue with closing out against Roccat. Roccat lost both their games against Fnatic and Elements so it’s pretty understandable. However, they did so well in the early and mid game but could never close it out which led to Fnatic and Elements coming back. Some individual mistakes cost Roccat the game against Elements. If Roccat can keep Woolite alive in teamfights, then I think they will win more matches. Elements was pretty solid but again, couldn’t close against Roccat and even had a poor start. SK Gaming looked the most solid going 2-0 again and I believe will be top 3-4 this split if hey keep it up. Gambit Gaming is in a poor state right now. The best they did was in the early game against Fnatic. Other than that they engaged fights poorly in the mid to late game which led to just feeding. Unicorns of Love played pretty solid as well with a few individual mistakes here and there in the early game. Copenhagen Wolves and Giants Gaming had a rough week going 0-2. The Wolves to be honest didn’t look bad. There were just some poor decisions and got caught out at times. Giants Gaming I was a bit surprised lost when they won 2 games week 1 to get pretty much stomped in week 2. H2K is the last team to cover and I really can’t get a good gauge on them yet. Did well Maybe they needed a week to shave off the LCS jitters although they did face weaker teams.

North America Week 2

I have to give major props to CLG. They look really good this season, their rotations and early/mid game decisions have been really good. I really hope they can keep it up in the split because some teams fall off mid way into the split. Cloud 9 looked way better this week. However they lose to CLG due to no control on Dragon and not enough farm onto Hai which makes me think that C9’s decisions of priorities mid game needs more polish. Dignitas has not impressed at all this week sadly. Crumbzz recently announced stepping down from the main roster the day after their second game which means DIG loses their jungler AND shot caller. It really isn’t looking good for them so they really need to play more as a team and communicate more because that seems to be the problem. Winterfox got pummeled by TSM but did well against DIG. Mostly because the Winterfox solo lanes were able to get going. TSM was really controlled in their plans going into games and won accordingly, really hope they keep that up. Liquid seem to be in a good place but just keep getting played out due to C9 and TSM respecting Piglet, which is Liquid’s ADC, but not solely focusing Piglet. TEam 8 is actually really good, and CaliTrollz really brings something to the theam but I feel that CaliTrollz could also cost Team 8 games by being too agressive. So he needs to tone it down a bit. Team Impulse is also pretty good and I think they just need more team play practice. Gravity did well going 2-0 in the week. There were some team fights that were iffy but they seem to be the underdog team. Team Impulse is a team that has room to grow. The players are good but their synergy needs a bit of work.

Interesting Picks

There was a Kennen pick top lane in EU to counter a Gnar and it worked out. I say this because there were at least 2 encounters where Kennen nearly died but instead got ahead due to assist money and minion farm.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the Lulu pick in solo lanes. I’m not convinced Lulu is a good solo lane pick due to mid lane having good burst and top lane being tanky and is able to dive the enemy team. With a Lulu you lose one of both which isn’t good at all in the current meta.

Looking Forward To In Week 3

Week 3 I’ll be watching Roccat, H2K, Gravity, and The Wolves to see where they are because I feel these team have a lot of potential if they get their game down. Dignitas is another team to look at seeing that Crumbzz has stepped down. Winterfox is another team because I think if they can survive the early game, they can give teams a run for their money.

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