Tips On Getting Ready For Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion


With the confirmation of the first Guild Wars 2 expansion, aka Heart of Thorns, coming out and all the news of the major features, I’d like to cover a few tips I made in order to get ready for the expansion or what you can do in the first weeks of the expansion. Note: I’ll probably add more tips as more information is known.

Pre Launch

1) Leveling & Skill Items + Some Gold = Instant Level 80 Revenant

If you have level 80s and plan to make a Revenant come release day of the expansion, then you definitely want to already be level 80 in order to roam around the Heart of Maguuma. Unless you want to level a Revenant from level 1 to max, you’re going to want to save some leveling items in order to do this.

Probably best way to level a Revenant in less than 2 minutes is to have:

  1. An Experience Scroll to get from level 1 to 20. If you don’t have one, you can skip this step.
  2. Writs of Experience and Tomes of Knowledge to get from 20 (level 1 if you skipped step 1) to 80 (or close to it).
  3. Scrolls of Knowledge to unlock skills (you’ll have some already if you did steps 1 and 2).
  4. Scrolls of Knowledge and some gold to get some or all of the Revenant traits. Starting out, I’d lean more toward just getting the necessary traits for a decent build. (Trait buying system is apparently getting a rework so not sure how that will affect this step)

*Edit: Note that skill points will be done away with once Specializations come in. For more about Specializations, check out this post. TL;DR: Skill points you’ve completed per character on a map in addition to your character’s level will determine how many Hero Points you will get when the update goes live.

*Edit 2: Scrolls you have when the Specialization content patch goes live and any excess skill points you have on characters will be turned into Spirit Shards (currency to buy skill-point items) and will be added to the wallet. Writs and Tomes will still have the same effect as now, check my wallet post for more details.

This is optional but you could also save some crafting materials in order to craft to level 80 (or close to it) as well.

2) Guilds Start Saving On Guild Currency & Probably A Little Gold

Those guild halls will cost a good amount so it’s best to start saving up on influence and merits as soon as possible. Solo, you can just do content while repping your guild. As a group, you can do guild missions or even boss fights your guild can start if you’re in a bigger guild.

*Edit: Influence is being phased out come Heart of Thorns. Influence will be transformed into 3 new guild currencies. You can read about them here. It’s still useful to gather influence in order to trade it in for the new currencies.

*Edit: Spend your guild merits as they are disappearing when Heart of Thorns launches. The Guild expedition to claim a guild hall will cost a flat fee of 100 gold. You can fail and repeat the expedition as much as you’d like; you do not need to spend another 100 gold to retry. If you want to switch guild halls, you’ll need to spend another 100 gold.

*Edit: Save up on dyes and silky sand for scribe crafting. Save up on Tier 5 materials, obsidian shards, bloodstone bricks, and more as they will be needed for restoration of Guild Hall structures. Here’s a snapshot from a Guild Chat episode for Guild Week of some of the items you’ll mostly need for restoration.

3) You Might Want To Hold Off On Buying That Precursor

Unless you absolutely want the legendary your currently building, I’d say hold off till the expansion or at least until we hear some more news about precusors via the Mastery System.

*Edit: Precursor Crafting has been revealed, check out my post about it to find out more to decide if you want to make a legendary now or wait.

*Edit: The first new HoT legendaries and how to make them have been revealed. They will have a similar but different formula for crafting; check my post about it for more. The suggestions for legendaries below are valid for the original legendary weapons.

There will also be new legendaries coming so if you want to be one of the first players to get one, I’d suggest to build the general legendary necessities:

Highly doubt these legendary necessities will change with the expansion. With this process, at worst, you’d just be saving up gold and end up buying your precursor when the expansion hits. This is optional but you can run dungeons or do dungeon tracks to gather various tokens from each dungeon. 500 dungeon-specific tokens are usually needed for crafting a legendary. When you find out what you need to make one of the new legendaries, you can hopefully be ahead with your token farming. This is optional because we don’t know if there will be new dungeons and you might waste your time if your going for one of the new legendaries.

4) PvP Players: Save Up on PvP Reward Potions

The Potion of PvP Reward grants some free progresson for a Reward track. Heart of Thorns will have at least 2 new reward tracks for unlocking 2 Mist Champions (Grymm and Nika). To complete a reward track from scratch you’ll need 80 potions (each potion grants 1.25 experience). You can easily stock up by doing the PvP dailies.

*Edit: With Heart of Thorns there will be 2 new Stronghold reward tracks to unlock the Mist Champions: Grymm Svaard and Nika. You can redo the track to get the mini of that Mist Champion. Future Mist Champion reward tracks will work like this. There will also be rank reward tracks. These tracks are unlocked based on your PvP rank (from Rabbit to Dragon). Completing the rank track of any given rank (Jungle Rabbit for example) gives you an alternate version of the rank finisher and upgrades the track to the next rank (if eligible). The full details are in a blog post I made here.

Post Launch

5) WvW & PvP Players: Learn The New Maps & Strats ASAP

I think this goes without saying, but the new borderlands will bring about new strategies. Especially with the keeps having special abilities. Also, the core of WvW is changing to reward holding objectives. Which probably means more fights if holding a fort is worth it. If anything, you can probably still follow a zerg and learn on the go.

This also goes without saying but learn the PvP map(s) for Stronghold mode. Players can understand the mechanics over time but I think some players can have an edge; some of the base mechanics of this new mode is exactly like GvG in the first Guild Wars. You understand the basics of gaining troops/mercenaries if you’ve played Heroes of the Storm or games with similar mercenary features.

*Edit: Rushing the outer gate early seems to be the “beta meta” for Stronghold at the moment. This may shift as ArenaNet tinkers with values, map positions of objects, etc

*Edit: After watching the WvW Desert Borderlands Invitational, It seems many organized havoc groups have a better advantage than one or two zergs in the new Borderlands map.

6) Understand The New Boss Battles ASAP

Players and guilds in the first couple of weeks will be fighting the new boss battles. It’s likely that these bosses will have more mechanics involved than just DPSing it down. If you get into an instance and you have no idea what you’re doing, read map chat or speak up in map chat and ask what to do at your location. There are no stupid questions.

*Edit: When fighting the new bosses it may be worthwhile to pay attention to their “break bars” aka the green bar below their HP bar to see when a boss becomes vulnerable.

*Edit: Understanding raid boss mechanics are important in order to have a more clean raid run

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  1. Are you excited for it? 😀 I am, all improvements sounded really good!

  2. I’m pretty psyched for it yea, especially for Hang Gliding & Revenant!

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