Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Week 1


It’s that time again folks! LCS time! It’ll be hard but I’ll try to cover a bit of OGN and LPL this season but no promises! I’ll be doing just a brief overview of the teams and expectations.

Europe Week 1

So the teams I wanted to look to during this week was the new Fnatic, Elements which is the Alliance team from last split, and Unicorns of Love. I have to say the new Fnatic really impressed me going 2-0 quite convincingly. I didn’t know how the team would fair with YellowStar being the only remaining Fnatic member from last season. Elements was an interesting turn out. They lost heavily to Fnatic but got a win of Unicorns of Love. From the 2nd game it seems that the team plays safely and engaging winning fights. Unicorns of Love are the most hyped team coming into EU LCS. They lost to Elements but won against Gambit Gaming which I feel isn’t a good thing. Elements is pretty much the same team as last season (Alliance) with the AD Carry Rekkles who did amazingly well last split so that’s pretty much a top tier team. Gambit Gaming is a team has sadly, fallen off the radar. They went 0-2 against Unicorns of Love and Roccat. Unicorn of Love need to get a bit string I feel and Gambit really have to really pick it up to get back into top half of the board again. Roccat I wasn’t sure how they’d do but I’m not sure if Top lane is the right lane for Overpow, we’ll have to see. SK Gaming was kind of a ninja team for me as they picked up 2 wins. I think they’re in good form. Copenhagen Wolves, Giants Gaming and Meet You Makers are the teams that have to prove themselves this split in order to not be bottom three but Giants are doing great so far.

North America Week 1

The most surprising performance out of all the teams in NA was Cloud 9. They ended the week going 0-2. Hai, Meteos, and LemonNation seems a bit off from usual so I hope they can fix that for next week. Another surprising team was Team Coast. Surprisingly good that is. Ignoring the blunder that cost them game one they seemed pretty solid. The just need to work on their late game shot calling for now. Team Sol Mid I’ll say are 70/30 right now. They won against Cloud 9 but lost to Team 8 due to Dodo Nami and Porpoise on Nocturne doing work. Team 8 I didn’t expect much but it looks like they can take a few games here and there. Dignitas does no look in a good state at the moment. They went 1-1 due to Coast making a  really bad call but those will rarely happen and they really need to find out what went wrong in the early game because it seems to start there. Winterfox I can’t really say anything since they had 3 subs but the subs did well helping the team go 1-1 in the week. Team Impulse, formely team Curse, is looking pretty good. Their ADC sub Keith did some pretty good work and Piglet from Korean LoL scene will be joining the team next week whihc will make the team even stronger provided the communication is there. CLG looks ok. I think Beeny and Xsmithe are still getting used to the team, they looked kinda off in their 2nd game.

Interesting Picks

Well it’s kind of hard to choose this because most of the picks were pretty solid for the meta. there was a Blitzcrank pick, Aatrox pick, Nocturne pick and few Vis though.

Popular picks right now are Gnar, Irelia, Sion, Lissandra, Ahri, Kassadin, Azir, Leblanc, Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai, Corki,  Sivir, Janna, Annie, and Lulu.

Looking Forward To In Week 2

The teams that had subs will have their full rosters so we’ll really see what teams are capable of. Also, I think we’ll get a better understanding of how teams will fair because they’ll start scrimming each other. Till next time!

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