Age’s Site Update For January 2015


Argh, one of these days, I’ll have this post ready at the start of the month.

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. This month has had a bunch of news and some changes for me so let’s get cracking.

Guild Wars 2 posts are still going strong. I’ve been putting them up on Wednesdays now, no real reason, it just happened. As you probably know by now, Heart of Thorns has been announced. We don’t know what it is yet but we’ll find out on Satuday January 24th when the news drops at PAX South. You can watch the panel on Twitch too! I’ll try to have a post up as soon as the panel is over.

League of Legends I’m getting back into again and learning all the champs and items that are popular right now in addition to applying my own “break the meta” ideas. The guides for Season 5 I’ll start on after a week or 2 of LCS (which starts on Thursday); the guides themselves will probably take a few weeks due to time and finding new jungle images, etc. Which reminds me, LCS  posts I’ll try to have up on Monday.

Heroes of the Storm I’m almost at max level and having fun with it. Play Heroes and LoL is a bit difficult because movement speed is way faster in Heroes so my rotation timing can get a little screwy. So I alternate playing both often. Just a tip in case you want to play LoL and Heroes.

I started a music project remixing GW2 songs. My first song is on my Soundcloud if you want a listen. I’ve started streaming again more regularly over on Twitch. Mostly GW2, LoL and Heroes but you probably figured that out. Sidenote: check out Monstercat’s Twitch for VOD-safe music! Also, I’m working on a personal site for fun that’ll hold gaming related and music content. Not sure if I’ll actually put it up but something to keep in the back of your mind.

That’s all for now. Take care everyone,


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