Guild Wars 2: Point Of No Return Episode Thoughts


SPOILER ALERT: If you have not done the Point of No Return living story yet, DO NOT READ!

In my previous post, I said the season had to end on a high note or a cliffhanger to keep players interested for next season. Well ArenaNet, you one up-ed my expectations.

First part of the episode is a GW1 throwback as we go through a shorten “path to ascension”. We had to do this in order to obtain a divine flame used to open the cave we found in the previous episode which was pretty cool. I really like how ArenaNet take the time to incorporate some GW1 nostalgia for the veteran players. The challenges we have to do are pretty much similar to the ones in GW1.

Next part of the story is that we had to fight off Mordrem that invaded the Silverwastes camp. Needless to say, we fend them off, but what’s important is that Trahearne decides it’s time to fight Mordremoth but you have to go find Glint’s egg so you don’t join the assault. Also important to note that Logan, Eir and Zojja go with Trahearne in the assualt.

Now for the main part. We find out the dark truth from the last part of Caithe’s memory where Wynne tells Caithe when they’re alone that Sylvari are from the Elder Dragon Mordremoth and are meant to serve it. Now, during this little talk, Faolain was off to the side finding some thorns to torture Wynne with in order to spill the beans. As much as Caithe loves Faolain, she knew deep down what Faolain was capable was with this information and killed Wynne at her request. This is all valuable information but it didn’t really hit me because I had a plant dragon to fight shortly afterwards.

So after the fight is over, I see “Episode Complete”. I’m thinking to myself “well, finding out Sylvari are born from the Jungle Dragon is important but not much of a cliffhanger”. Then I hit accept from my rewards. Then the cutscene started. I should have known that was coming.

Like pretty much everyone else, my mind was blown. The Heart of Thorns trailer was incredible. We’re going to have a massive problem with the Sylvari. The way the trailer put it, it seemed like a Sylvari extermination will take place. And that would gave the Nightmare Court every excuse to fight back in order to exterminate all non-Sylvari. This is all, of course, will lead to some bad results unless Mordremoth is dealt with. I did a breakdown of the entire trailer here.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to hear what Heart of Thorns is all about!

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