Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Trailer

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not done the Point of No Return living story yet, DO NOT READ OR WATCH THE VIDEO!

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not done the Point of No Return living story yet, DO NOT READ OR WATCH THE VIDEO!

Alright. So with the spoiler warning out of the way, this is the most hype Guild Wars 2 players have been in a really long time. Of course I’m talking about the Heart of Thorns Trailer that was revealed at the end of the the Point of No Return living story. So let’s break it down. It’s important to note that the trailer seems to go in chronological order of the events that will transpire.

Heart Of Thorns Trailer Breakdown

Alright so the first minute and a half started with the Pact Assault on Mordremoth. Aka ton of Pact airships bombarding the ground; which Logan, Eir and Zojja were at too I might add. But this quickly turned into a losing battle when not only vines from the ground starting snapping ships in half, but the Sylvari on the airships turned against everyone else and started attacking crew members and other airships. Needless to say, Mordremoth took over the Sylvari’s thoughts. The end result is a fiery landscape of fallen airships.

At 2 minutes we see a spectral being in some ruins. Given the shape of the being, I believe (and probably others believe) this being is a Mursaat which would just make this a whole new ball game if they get involved.

Shortly after the ruins scene we see, Rytlock is back with Sohotin in a forest cutting down Modrem Husks charging at him. We also hear the important line “You can’t trust the Sylvari. They belong to the dragon now.”. This is very important because let’s look at what’s left of Destiny’s Edge: Logan, Eir and Zojja are all MIA due to the Pact assault failing. Caithe is missing; with Glint’s Egg no less. So Rytlock is the only one left who’s has the most senority and experience fighting Elder Dragons. You think the leaders of Tyria would listen to him.

The next scene is Canach fending off soldiers saying “Stop treating us like monsters! We are not the enemy!”. Obviously this means word got out that Sylvari are Mordremoth’s minions and people are taking action against Sylvari. I really like how Canach is portrayed here. If you didn’t know, Canach has had a rough past, with criminal activity and trying to redeem himself intertwining. In this scene, you see that Canach is trying not to harm anyone unless he really has to. He’s swinging his sword wide and pointing it as a warning as he slowly backs into a building.

Next up is a battle between what looks like Vigil and the Nightmare Court along with some possible Mordrem. The very last scene of that fight brings up a warning flag as you see Faolain spearing a soldier in the gut and raising him over her head (dat upper body strength tho). This shows that the Nightmare Court is using the news of Sylvari being Mordrem minions to their advantage. We know from the Seeds of Truth living story that Faolain doesn’t think much of the other races which is pretty much what the Nightmare Court mentality is. With the other races posing as a threat to the end of Sylvari; this is pretty much a free pass for the Nightmare Court in order to attack, possibly exterminate, the other races. An interesting thing to note is that corrupted Sylvari seems to have red eyes but some might embrace the corruption and keep their individual thoughts like Faolain and the Nightmare Court.

Finally we have a scene with Destiny’s Edge 2.0 “taking the fight to Mordremoth”. Not much to say here, it’s expected that the team you’re leading will be the ones with you in the final battle against Mordremoth itself.

To Sum It All Up

ArenaNet has taken the brunt of criticism of no expansions in order to deliver this. I say it was well worth it. The set up Living Story made to bring this upcoming story line is well worth it. Now the real question is: is it an expansion? My guess and the probable answer is highly likely yes but a Guild Wars 2 styled expansion. We will find out more on January 24th at the “Beyond the Point of No Return” panel and PAX South.

The story that coming is very intense. Because of one secret, just one, we’re going to fight an entire race. An entire race is going to be fighting us whether they want to or not. There might be some Sylvari that can’t get corrupted, or maybe they are and just don’t know it kind of like Scarlet was. This secret entirely explains Scarlet’s actions last season as she got insanely close to Mordremoth and got corrupted.

Of course I have a ton of questions. When did Rytlock come back, what did he experience in the Mists, and how did he get back? With Scarlet and the Pact assault both getting close to Mordremoth, it makes me wonder if Mordremoth’s control or strength of control is proximity based. Now that the Pale Tree is injured, you can see that the strength of control Mordremoth has is stronger. Also, what will Caithe do with Glint’s egg? My guess is that the dragon inside is a possible way to beat Mordremoth but should she be allowed to hold on to the hope of saving Tyria when she could just as easily get corrupted? Speaking of beating Mordremoth, how will Sylvari be like after we beat Mordremoth? How will the other races act towards Sylvari afterwards? This could get more complicated than the Human-Charr relations. My biggest question is how do players that play as a Sylvari be portrayed? I mean, Sylvari players can’t get corrupted somehow but will Sylvari players get dirty looks if they try to walk the streets of Divinity’s Reach in the new content?

I’m excited. I’m not sure how things will go, but I’m so hyped to find out. ArenaNet did well to establish a massive cliffhanger and started the GW2 hype train once again. And as we all know:


Kasmeer art in the image above is by Kissie:

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