Guild Wars 2: Point Of No Return Trailer Thoughts

This is it. The point of no return. I’m going to keep it kind of brief but man I’m glad there’s a new living story patch to get me back into the Silverwastes.

The beginning of the trailer eludes to the war machines being  build in the camp will be finally used to make an assault. We’ll also be finding out the last bit of Caithe’s past on what happened 20 years or so back. Wynne was there with Caithe so my assumption is that Wynne showed Caithe this “power” that shouldn’t be used which would be linked to Glint’s egg somehow.  There’s that dragon which looks similar to that in the starting point for Sylvari but not enough to warrant something big in my opinion.

This patch I think will feel like the Tangled Paths instances with the Caithe feature from Seeds of Truth. I fear that the season is being cut a little short but that may be due to ArenaNet being at PAX South and having an announcement of new content there. A new living story patch could kind of overlap what they want to prep and show at PAX.

What I think Point of No Return needs is a big cliffhanger. And I men a BIG one that will make me go “awwww… wait… what?!”. Something that will make players go “I need to play next season”. Rytlock could be that cliffhanger but since we know he has new armor etc, we need something that’s not known. We’ll just have to see what next week brings!

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