Guild Wars 2’s New Daily System: How Is It?


It was back in May 2014 where we saw the last change to the Guild Wars 2 Daily System which increased the options one can choose. It really does come out the blue that ArenaNet delivered a new system. Let’s go over how it works shall we?


Basically, you simply need to log in to get a daily log-in reward. You get the option of choosing one of 4 Grand Chests after you’ve done 28 daily logins. Progress only resets after you’ve gotten your chest after the 28th login so you don’t have to play every day. After logging in, you can choose to do 3 dailies now for daily completion. Completing a daily gives you a bit of loot corresponding to the daily you completed. For example, doing a WvW daily will earn you some WvW related rewards. You get 10 achievement points after finishing 3 dailies (no more, no less points for the day after that).

More Detailed Version

ArenaNet stated in their blog about the new daily system that they “want the rewards to help drive players to the content, not general rewards for all achievements“. So they concentrated dailies into more specific activities for PvE, PvP and WvW. There are 3 for each category and they range from easy like “Cut trees in Kytra” (PvE) to harder ones such as “Capture a keep” (WvW).

Also, no need to grind achievement points from dailies. Once you complete 3, you get 10 achievement points and no more after that. You can however, do the other dailies for the loot. Dailies and monthlies are merged into one now as well aka no more monthlies.

A cool thing ArenaNet added was the daily login rewards. Basically every 28th day that you’ve logged in you get an epic chest that contains great loot.  From the blog post it seems that there are 4 options: Ascended Crafting Materials (like we really need this…), Legendary Crafting materials (this might be worth it depending on the possible contents), Plentiful Laurels (definitely a good option), and a Chest of Grand Experience (probably useless to max level characters). I assume the Laurels chest will be the one a lot of players will choose in order to even out the original gain of laurels possible in a month’s time. To be honest, it’s probably the only best choice besides the Legendary one which contents are unknown. What’s nice about this login reward system is that it saves your progress even if you don’t log in a lot. It will reset after the 28th login.

My Thoughts

The new system is ok. It has it’s plus and minuses. On the bright side, you are encouraged to explore more or try out new things like WvW or PvP. There are some places I totally forgot about in Iron Marches until I finished an event there for one daily.

There’s also the fact you don’t have to stress about doing all the achievements for points anymore. Also, I like how everything reward-wise (aka laurels) is pretty much the same over the course of a month. Laurels are pretty important when it comes to making gold / legendaries.

Downside is that daily completion timing is completely random due to options. For example: you can cap a WvW ruin and buy something with WvW badges and then farm some trees which take 3 minutes in all. Or, you have to farm trees, do 4 events in that zone you’re never in so you have to find them (20 minutes) and then wait for Frozen Maw. I think PvP and WvW players have it harder due to the specification of the dailies. Well, maybe WvW players may have it alright thanks to Edge of The Mists but I don’t think every PvP player plays every class at a high level (if some do, kudos to them). Having more options for PvE, PvP and WvW would help a lot more.

It’s kind of a downside I guess, but if you want to be efficient gold/legendary wise, you have to log in every day for the login rewards. Also, the login rewards panel. I want to see that after I close it. I can’t find it anywhere so if someone knows where I can reopen that, please let me know.

This is kind of a grey area thing but I find myself opening way too many boxes now. I don’t feel as rewarded when I open a chest after cutting down trees just to get more in a chest. It doesn’t help that I do Silverwastes stuff afterwards.

So to conclude, it’s not a big change to the consistent GW2 player. It is a change to players who play the game every few days or so; especially those who complete their monthlies. I think those players have to login in at the very least to get the login daily done in order to get their “monthly” done which they may or may not like. It’s something to try and see for yourselves. Remember: If you’re not big on dailies, you don’t have to do them. They are optional after all.

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