Age’s Site Update For December 2014


Hey guys, been a while. Here’s a small update on what’s going on.

So on the League of Legends front, I’ll be starting that up again. I’ll be watching IEM  San Jose this weekend and writing it. Since the tournament is on the 4.20 patch this will mostly talk about about picks/bans, new strats, some new items if picked and the teams. It’s going to be a good tournament.

I got into Heroes of the Storm Alpha last week and I’ve been playing a bunch. I got halfway to max level really fast. I’m going to write a bit on what I think about it and how it differs and is similar to LoL now that I’ve played.

On the Guild Wars 2 front, I’ll still be keeping up with the GW2 posts. They’ve been kinda coming out a day late, sorry about that, I’ll try to get back on track with those. I’ve been dipping into PvP as well and trying to get better. Watching the WTS on Friday gave me some ideas to work on.

Deals page is a bit out of date, my bad, I’ll be working on it this weekend so swing by next week and check it out. Also, I’ve started streaming regularly on Thursday evenings so if you’re bored feel free to swing by. So far I’ve streamed Heroes and GW2. Next session should be a LoL one. Maybe I’ll have a day for each game not sure, for now I could probably do 2 stream days a week.

I guess that’s all for now. As the Holidays gets closer, I’ll probably won’t be writing as much but will be back in January. Take care all and Happy Holidays!

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