Guild Wars 2 Seeds Of Truth Preview

So, if I’m not horribly mistaken, Faolain is in this trailer. Of all people Faolain would be one of the last I’d expect Caithe to team up with… unless the next episode is a flashback episode?! So let’s break a few parts down.

The reason this could most likely be a flashback episode is the line “Sometimes, to catch a thief you must become a thief”. During that line you see the part where Caithe comes in the steal the egg but then there was a teleport-like sound and we see a Sylvari (which I assume is a player character) turn into Caithe in different clothing. That scene and that line also makes me think we’ll be playing as Caithe for part of the story which would be awesome! Also, there was a scene with Faolain in the Grove. There’s no way Faolain would be in plain sight in the Grove as part of the Nightmare Court unless it was a time before it was formed.

Faolain seems to have another Sylvari with her. Maybe she’s Faolain’s apprentice, maybe someone more. At one point, Faolain is standing beside Caithe near an Asuran who doesn’t look like an Inquest member but there are instances in the trailer where Sylvari are being experimented on by Inquest. I think it’s the lab in Brisband Wildlands. Makes me wonder if the Inquest were doing their own research of the Sylvari (new race and all) or if it’s some sort of joint venture between the Inquest and the higher ups from the Arcane Council. These experiments are a likely reason for Caithe and Faolain to team up. This also gives us an idea of the time period which would be shorty (maybe a year or so) after the first Sylvari are born.

On the last episode of Points Of Interest, there a was hinting of a twist at the end of this episode but it’s so hard to say what it could be, but I think it has to do with the Sylvari that Faolain is with. It could very well show us how Faolain and Caithe go their separate ways. Another thing that happen on POI was quite a bit of talk on Canach. He’s a character I feel to look out for this episode as well. To sum it up, there’s some sort of twist at the end and some truth will be revealed, and with the information we know now, it looks to be a good one!

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