Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Patch Post Review


So there’s sadly not much for me to say on this Tangled Paths patch but hey, there’s always something.

Skip this paragraph if you didn’t go through the episode. So on the side of story, there was very little but there was progress which is quite important. Caithe was being a little shady at the very start of the episode following us while we talking to people. In the end she stole Glint’s egg away from us after we found it. It makes me wonder if Mordremoth has an influence on Sylvari as it’s corruption spreads. Let’s think about it a bit. First it was Scarlet who got super close to Mordremoth and got “corrupted”. Then we have Aerin acting strange going after the Master of Peace. Now we have Caithe being all weird steal stuff from us.

On the achievement front it’s quite similar to last patch where I felt enticed to do everything to get the luminescent armor piece. Also the reuse of the Silverwastes area was well done in addition to the use of the new area used in the story is also used in PvE. I was a bit worried for Silverwastes being dead after this patch but it seems we won’t be going to the left side of the Silverwastes just yet.

Fairly moderate patch I guess, enough to keep us busy till the next one. Very interested story wise how it’ll go.

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