Age’s Site Update For November 2014


I missed last month but here’s what I’ve been up to and some stuff coming up.

So, if you couldn’t tell by the image above I went to Blizzcon this year and it was quite epic. I met a bunch of guild mates (from GBN), colleagues, devs, personalities including Cloud 9’s Hai and LemonNation. Some of you might be wondering why I went to Blizzcon considering I don’t write or I write very little about Blizzard games. For one thing, I have played every Blizzard game to an extent and I guess I primarily went for the experience. I felt that the Blizzard community is quite amazing. I mean no other game company has an event on this scale. The experience was quite worth it. There was a lot of fun times and great news including Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch which I can’t wait to play in the future. Specking of Blizzard games, Warlords comes out today and I’m contemplating trying it again but we’ll see. Heroes goes into beta next year so hoping I get into that as well as Overwatch beta.

Last month was kind of a rest break for me but that’s over as Guild Wars 2 picks up with living story. I wrote about my experience of the Echoes of the Past patch here. There will be more to come as the Tangled Paths patch comes into play so don’t worry about that, I’ll be on top of that.

Season 4 for League of Legends is over now and open beta for the new Summoner’s Rift map will be going into open beta soon which I can’t wait to try out live. I didn’t play ranked this season in the end. I think I would have done alright but I didn’t have too much incentive and I took a break after Worlds. Congrats if you did play ranked and got to where your at! Definitely getting back into League right now and itching to get my guides updated for the new season. It’ll be quite the overhaul and there will be a lot of balancing so you can expect my guides to be done around the end of preseason / start of LCS.

I’ve slowed down a bit on the Deals page. I’ve decided to update it in a different way by sorting the games “% off” wise rather than change the image because that’s quite time consuming. Also, I’ve been saying this forever but now I’m going to try to be a bit strict about it and stream something on Thursdays. Not sure what for this week but we’ll see. About upcoming games; we’ll there’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 both of which I want to try. Assassin’s Creed Unity came out but I haven’t been hearing good things so I’ll probably wait for a sale. Super Smash Bros is a definitely a buy. There’s also the Crew which I had a good time with in beta but I’ll wait to see how the live servers handles things before I buy  it.

That’s all for now. Hope all is well with you all! Happy gaming!

– Age

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