Thoughts On League of Legends Worlds 2014 Finals


Ahhh finals, gotta love finals. Well in this case it wasn’t as fun because whether you pull for either team, you pretty much know who’s going to win.

Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club

This series lackluster I guess prediction wise. I pretty much pulled for Samsung White to win it but I hoped that Royal Club could take a game off them. In games 1 and 2, they were pretty much stomps, game 1 more so than game 2. I really saw my small hope of a 3-1 dwindle a bit but Royal Club was somehow able to get a good lead in all the lanes and win game 3. Sadly, Royal Club lost game 4.

Some key things I want to point out was Royal Club’s mid and top laners. I felt that Royal Club should have focused getting them some good picks. Uzi and Zero showed they could handle a 2v2, insec I feel can play anything he wants in the jungle so helping Cola and corn get on comfortable champions like they did in game 3 with Maokai top and Ryze mid works. Another thing, ban Jayce but don’t pick it if corn can’t play it; corn becomes free money if he can’t play the champion at a high enough level. Another thing I felt that shouldn’t have happened was giving Mata Janna. I feel that he’s way to proficient on the champion. Same thing goes for Dandy and his Rengar play. But you can’t ban/pick everything I guess.

Samsung White played pretty much played it super well. I think if Dandy didn’t have so much control of the jungle early whether it be from a level 1 fight or pure vision on one side of the enemy side, then the games could have gone differently. PawN really showed his Jayce is really hard to beat and Dandy is quite the jungler, pretty much the best jungler at the moment. Mata was, again, exceptional on Janna. Imp surprisingly didn’t impress me as much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s really good but, well, I just didn’t feel as impressed as I should have I guess. Looper was solid throughout although he did have a bit of a rough time on Kassadin in one game.

I feel that Royal Club kept on getting better as the series went on but it just wasn’t enough. They’ll definitely do well next year if they stick together. Congrats to Samsung White, hopefully they do well next season as well! Now we can all go back to a reasonable sleep schedule.

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