Thoughts On League of Legends Worlds 2014 Semifinals


The Semifinals last weekend delivered some awesome games! Let’s hop right to it!

Samsung White vs Samsung Blue

Most people believed that White had the series despite the past history of Blue beating them in best of fives twice in a row. I was inclined to agree. Watching both of these teams games versus other teams during Worlds, White had the fewer mistakes per game. If PawN could do well against Dade they would be fine.

White was able to beat Blue 3-0. The first game was reasonable but the 3rd game was a stomp. It turned out Dandy was a big factor with his Rengar being so good and PawN on Jayce was a monster which I really was surprised Blue didn’t ban in the 2nd game. It made me wonder how their next challenger in the finals will hope to beat them.

Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG

This series was intense. Also, it was hard to call one way or the other. On one hand you have OMG with Gogoing being a boss at carrying and cool doing well. On the other hand you have Royal Club and Uzi super hard carrying his team every game. I picked Royal Club initially to win if matched up with OMG in semifinals because I felt Royal club would perform better. This was before Quarterfinals. After I saw that, I had some reservations about my pick because OMG seemed to be getting better the more games they played. I wasn’t sure that a “protect the ad carry” would be enough for Royal to get to finals.

However this all became a mute point. I said in my previous post that the other members of Royal Club have to step up and make sure Gogoing never got Ryze if they want to get to finals. And they did. Cola, corn, Zero and inSec all did better as the series went on. By game 5 they were dominating and took the win. Another thing I would like to note is that OMG kept forcing inSec off meta jungler picks trying to force him onto uncomfortable picks. However, he was able to pull out Fiddlesticks and Pantheon in 2 vital games and won with them. This really shows that you need to be versatile and have options in case you get targeted for ban/pick phase.

Alright so finals are next Sunday and I think the majority of people think Samsung White is going to take it. I think White will take it as well; I feel that they have the stronger players. If the members of Royal club play up to par maybe Uzi can carry a game or two. I think both teams have some pocket picks they can still pull out if need be. It’ll be an interesting finals.

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