Thoughts On League of Legends Worlds 2014 Quarterfinals


The Quarterfinals are over but here’s a run down of what happened and what I thought.

Samsung White vs Team Solo Mid

I think TSM fan or not, you have to admit that SSW was the better team. So as much as I wanted TSM to win, the only way was if Bjergsen hard carried and bot lane didn’t lose. Surprisingly TSM’s bot lane did hold their own and even beat them in CS at 10 minutes. I did think that TSM could take a game off SSW which they did when they got a great level 1 fight. In game 4 they were out rotating SSW and got a ton of objectives but kept feeding SSW kills. They could have triggered and won a base race if Amazing sadly didn’t rush in while SSW’s minion wave was leaving the base letting SSW easily running up to catch TSM and ace them. All in all TSM really gave SSW a run for their money and showed some holes in the team.

Samsung Blue vs Cloud 9

This is another series I thought SSB had in the bag. Sadly, Hai’s champ pool was too small and was even a non-factor to SSB. I really never understood why C9 didn’t prioritize Hai in champ select. I also didn’t understand why Hai didn’t play Yasuo in mid. Sure he could get countered in lane but at least he’s on something comfortable. C9 did manage to crush in game 1 but the rest of the game Samsung Blue pulled through. There were more holes in SSB’s play than in SSW.

Star Horn Royal Club vs EDG Gaming

The Worlds analysts said this was close but I didn’t think it was and went with Royal Club for the win. Basically because of Uzi and Insec. Uzi REALLY hard carried for his team. Namei, EDG’s ADC didn’t show up in my opinion but his Support Fzzf and the jungler Clearlove were able to make it go to game 5 after losing the first 2 games. What worried me a bit was that Uzi didn’t leave his spot after game 4 and was fully concentrated in game 5. I’m not sure if that was a good or bad thing but Uzi was able to carry thanks to his team and won out. Normally I’d say that you can’t let your ADC be the only one doing well but I have this weird feeling that Royal will make it work.

Najin White Shield vs OMG

I actually sided with OMG on this series because I believed Shield was the Korean team with a lot of mistakes from groups and that Gogoing and cool could carry games. And man did Gogoing carry. Don’t let him have Ryze. It was a 3-0 clean sweep with the 3rd game being really close.

So that’s my thoughts and review on Quarters. Semis are going to be great. In my last post I called Royal Club or OMG making it to finals and both are in semis! SSW vs SSB I would take White. I feel like they make fewer mistakes in their matches. Royal Club vs OMG I would have said Royal but man I really don’t know. OMG really stepped up and could very well make it to finals. I’ll say Royal purely because I think Uzi will be more careful about his diving and I think Ryze will be banned from OMG which will give Royal more breathing room. Royal’s teammates will have to step up more in order to do well.

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