Frostgorge Fenris Living Story Event Farming: Conflicting Interests


I can assume by the title you guys know what I’m going to write about. Most regular Guild Wars 2 players know that if there’s a way to farm for loot, farmers will exploit it. Well maybe exploit isn’t the right word here.  More like, utilize any content added to the game to get loot or to make a profit. This was true of Clockwork Chaos champ farming, Black Lion Key farming, the Frostgorge train farming. You get my point. And I think that farming is fine in games as long as there’s no conflicting interests.

Let me further explain what I mean by conflicting interests while farming. What I mean is that there are two groups of players at farm related content but they’re there for different reasons. One example of this is the Clockwork Chaos patch. If you were around, you know that the first week of the patch players actually beat Scarlet for the achievement but the 2nd week, the majority of players were farming the events rather than trying to get to the point to fight Scarlet. While frustrating as it is, some players that didn’t get lucky to get on a map that actually fought Scarlet didn’t get the achievement.

With the Frostgorge farming, players aren’t doing the event for an achievement, they playing to literally continue the story. I thought from the very first time I had to go to Iron Marches and do events, this was a terrible implementation. Sorry to say that but that’s what I thought. There’s always going to be less people at these events as time goes by so I was wondering how it would look a month later. To be honest it wasn’t too bad but Frostgorge proved to be the difficultly. You would think that ArenaNet would learn from Clockwork Chaos: if there’s a way to farm champs effectively, farmers will take advantage of it. Now some players can’t continue or players with alternate characters can’t catch up with their main(s) (which isn’t so bad).

Of course, I’m not going to talk about such an issue without offering some solutions:

1) Make the timer for the Fenris event chain the same success or fail. This is the solution I like the best. I also believe it would be the easiest to implement. I believe the main problem is that the event fail timer is 5 minutes while the success timer is 30 minutes. Make the timer 30 minutes for both success and fail. Players will be at least be compelled to help players out after they’ve farmed a bit. This has a chance for working since burning the transformed shamans health bars isn’t too hard if everyone helps out.

2) Reduce or remove the champions from the Fenris event chain. Pretty much kills farming but I’m against this as it removes incentive for going to the event which means way less players doing the event like in Iron Marches from patch day as compared to now.

3) Let destroying the totem after the Fenris event chain allow players to continue the story. This would work if the event chain is successful or fails. Kind of a quick and easy solution. It hinders no one but it removes the entire point of clearing the Fenris event chain.

4) Make this part of the story an instance. Probably the hardest to do because of the implementation required. There would have to be less mobs, reduced strength in the enemies and some ally NPCs to name a few things but it could work and I find it should have been instanced anyways. I would have loved to fight beside Braham and Eir.

I hope ArenaNet somehow fixes this. It’s quite important not to be blocked from the story by your ally players and it’s kind of pointless to have Living Story and players can’t continue in November because players want to farm. I’d also like to note that Living Story was revamped in Season 2 specifically so that a player can do the story whenever the player wants to.  I also hope ArenaNet keeps in mind when adding a lot Champions to any event (not just Living Story) they keep in mind if it should be farm-able content or not.

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