Age’s Site Update For September 2014


Hey guys, been a while so decided to do a little update post. First off, most of my writing is based on Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends (usually LCS content). With Living Story taking a bit of a break and the lull between LCS and Worlds, I wanted to take a bit of a break myself. I was feeling a bit burned out and I didn’t write a lot about the GW2 September feature pack because it was more of an update to things then new features. Granted there the new player experience. Probably should have mention I would take a break so apologies on that.

While there’s no new Guild Wars 2 content to speak of, there was one thing I wanted to write about for GW2 concerning Dragon’s Reach: Part 2. I’ll hopefully get to that soon. Of course, GW2 posts will probably restart regularly near the start of November.

The Worlds tournament for League of Legends started today and I can’t wait to write about the games. Got quite a bit to say about the teams and the games. As with my LCS posts, it’ll be a weekly review.

Oh and I guess the picture gives it away but I got Destiny last week. I’ll do a quick post on that but here’s a TL;DR: the game is ok. It isn’t a hype game nor a revolutionary game, it’s an ok game. I think critics and players got their hopes up hence the mixed reviews. I do think that Bungie needs to keep adding more PvE content because it’s really easy to burn through the story.

Finally, I’ll get to updating the game deals page, pretty sure some of the deals needs updating. That’s all for now, hope you all have a great week! Happy gaming!

– Age

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