Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS North American Playoffs


NA Playoffs: Quarterfinals

So the quarterfinals between TSM and Dignitas I would had usually put in TSM’s favor because they bootcamp well for playoffs. The reason I was uncertain of the result of this quarterfinal is because of DIG’s chances were pretty good despite not coming into the playoffs with high morale. The first two games were intense base races but TSM was able to go 3-1 in the end.

CLG vs Curse was an insane 3-0 stomp. It really didn’t look like CLG’s bootcamp in Korea did any good. In fact, I think it did more harm than good. Note that since they bootcamped they dropped to 6th position because the CLG sub squad went 0-4. The fact that they didn’t scrim against any NA teams for playoffs which they had to beat to even qualify for worlds versus playing Korean teams. They did have the wildcard advantage but if they couldn’t produce good plays in lane and in team fights then there’s no point. Hopefully they work out their problems because they got relegated; DIG beat them for 5th place.

NA Playoffs: Semifinals

I didn’t know who would win between LMQ and TSM. I would have put it more in favor LMQ in the beginning of the series but at Game 4 I really could’t tell. It kept going back and forth but then Dyrus turned a kill switch on and wrecked top lane, which I guess motivated the other lanes because they started to stomp them as well. TSM won game 5 so convincingly, getting them a ticket to worlds

C9 versus Curse. I would give the upper hand to C9 in this case due to the players and shot calling being better but it really all came down to Hai. His performance hasn’t been the best since he got sick but he has been getting better during the split. That and Curse didn’t ban Zed after Game 1. Zed proved to be quite the comfort pick for Hai making C9 win 3-0 under 30 minutes each game. That is quite the dominance in addition to securing their spot in worlds.

NA Playoffs: Third Place

LMQ versus Curse I would easily give this to LMQ. LMQ had a good series but lost it in the end whereas Curse just got, sorry to say, annihilated  by C9. I didn’t think they had the right mentality going into the games but they did well. In the end LMQ won out and is the 3rd team going to worlds.

NA Playoffs: Finals

C9 versus TSM. Round 3. I really didn’t think TSM would have made it this far but they did. Riding off the momentum from the LMQ match I think they had a chance but C9 did go 3-0 versus Curse in under 30 minute matches. That’s a hard pill to swallow. In the end it went to a game 5 and TSM won out thanks to one team fight and banning Zed in 3 of the 5 games in which they won.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

Alright after 4 days of playoffs, we have C9, TSM and LMQ heading to worlds. C9 I feel will do way better having more international games under their belt but Hai needs to find more comfort picks otherwise he’ll get dumpstered. His Yasuo is pretty good but I’m not sure what else he can dominantly play. Probably Syndra. LMQ I’m not sure how they’ll do, they did well in the NA scene and maybe they keep up with the Chinese scene as well so they might have a small edge. TSM, they did look a lot better as the playoffs kept going but they need to work on their team play. I think transitioning to the mid game when even against their opponent could go better if they have concise plans on what to do given a situation. It will be interesting to see how far these teams can go since NA has flack for being the underdogs at international events.

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