Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS European Playoffs


Europe Playoffs: Quarterfinals

Alright so, The quarterfinals between SUPA HOT CREW and ROCCAT was a hard one to choose basically because of the way the teams were during the summer split. I gave the edge to ROCCAT because they were more consistent in their play in the last couple of weeks but I didn’t know who’s training for playoffs would come out on top. It turned out ROCCAT’s training was way better as they came out super strong winning versus SHC.

SK Gaming versus Millenium was another hard choose because, again, it’s whoever plays better. Despite Millenium’s great play during the split they seem to have gone down a bit while SK Gamin was catching their second wind. It showed in the games as SK Gaming swept Millienium.

Europe Playoffs: Semifinals

ROCCAT vs Fnatic was a series I was a bit on edge about. Normally I’d give it to Fnatic but ROCCAT looked very good versus SHC. It took all five games in the series but Fnatic was able to capitalize on ROCCAT’s mistakes and won despite having huge problems with ROCCAT getting ahead.

SK Gaming versus Alliance was a series I’d give to Alliance. Despite the training SK went through I felt it couldn’t beat Alliance. Alliance did well and won very convincingly.

Europe Playoffs: Third Place

ROCCAT vs SK Gaming I thought would be interesting but I think ROCCAT got a bit demoralized when they couldn’t beat Fnatic. It kind of showed in their gameplay and SK was able to win and get that 3rd place spot for Worlds.

Europe Playoffs: Finals

Alliance vs Fnatic. Big series here. If Fnatic wins they win the 4th consecutive split. If Alliance wins, they become the 2nd EU team to ever win a split. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the early rotations by Alliance in three of the games gave Alliance the edge to get ahead and win. Fnatic was better off taking the switch and working with it instead of consistently trying to get the ideal lane.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

I feel Alliance can really go far at Worlds whereas Fnatic and SK Gaming will have to do a lot more to remain competitive and to get out of the Group stage. I can definitely see Alliance as a semi finalist. Fnatic I’m a bit worried about but we’ll have to see if they pull through the group stage. SK Gaming I’m not sure about. A bit of a wild card because they have an odd swing of games. If they bootcamp hard, I’m pretty sure they can do well. Not sure how far Fnatic and SK Gaming will get as I don’t know how NA is shaping up in these past few weeks as well as some of the Asian teams competing. Should make for some nail bitter games to watch though.

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