Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 11


Europe Week 11

SK Gaming came back super strong going 3-1 in the week beating Fnatic and Alliance! Fnatic and Alliance themselves had a great week going 3-1 as well. Another team that went 3-1 was surprisingly Gambit Gaming! They’ve all stepped up and did extremely well. They could have made it to playoffs if they played like this earlier. SUPA HOT CREW went 2-2, Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT went 1-3 and Millenium went 0-4. A little surprised in Millenium not picking up wins but granted 2 of those matches were against Allaince and a stronger Gambit. Gambit Gaming may not be in the playoffs but they will be feared in relegation.

North America Week 11

Holy cow this was an interesting week! Teams that really stepped up in NA are Evil Geniuses and Curse. Curse had a loss against compLexity in their first game but just dominated their other 3 games versus TSM,  LMQ and DIG! Evil Geniuses surprisingly beat every team they fought that week: C9, CLG (which is understandable), compLexity and LMQ. The reason why CLG was understandable to win against is that the main roster went to bootcamp in Korea and the entire team was subbed in with: CLG subs for (Super) Week 11: Nien (Top), HotshotGG (Mid), ThinkCard (Jungle), Chaox (ADC), Baby (Supp). Even though this CLG team lost every game, they put on a very good effort that I honestly didn’t expect and they got insanely better with each game. C9 has found some resurgence and went 3-1 also with regaining 1st place. LMQ had some good games but lost against Curse and EG. TSM  had some problems as they only picked up one game against DIG which was a close one.

Interesting Picks

In a fun EU matchup, Millienium’s Kerp used Quinn against Alliance’s Froggen and his Malphite. Oh yea, and Kevin used Zac top lane, Shook took Ashe into the Jungle, Wicked took Rammus top lane and the ADC Tabzz used Fizz. It was a bloodbath to say the least. In NA, Voyboy used Talon and Polbelter used Zed both having success on it. Granted it was probably to counter the lane for the specific matchup but maybe assassins will come back. HotshotGG actually used Lux in his last game vs C9 and it was fun to watch.

Looking Forward To In Playoffs

ROCCAT, SUPA HOT CREW, and Millienium have to really step up for playoffs because they’re the ones likely to take the bottom 6 spots at this point. Alliance, Fnatic and SK Gaming are looking on fire and if they can bring that to playoffs then those 3 will be going to Worlds. Supa Hot Crew vs ROCCAT will be interesting because SHC has ups and downs. ROCCAT is a team that can bounce back with hard practice and they did go to worlds last year so well see how that pans out. SK Gaming vs Millenium will be an interesting because both look even to me but I would give it to SK. Curse is one of the teams to look out for. With their impressive week, they showed they can make a run for worlds. CLG is another team to look out for. With the main roster in Korea, we don’t know what they’ll bring back to the playoffs. Oddly enough, both of these teams fight each other in the quarterfinals. TSM and DIG are both in slumps so well see how these two measure up.

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