Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 10


Europe Week 10

Alliance still showed they’re the team to beat going 2-0. Especially in the game vs Copenhagen Wolves where they only have one death and 29 kills and everyone except Nyph had a Stacking item (Mejai’s Soulstealer or Sword of the Occult). Fnatic, SUPA HOT CREW and Millenium had a strong showing as well. Gambit is out of the running sadly, they just can’t perform properly. With all the roster changes and problems they’ve had all split they lagged too behind. SK Gaming actually showed some signs of life as they took down ROCCAT so we might see a comeback in Super Week. ROCCAT themselves aren’t too bad right now either and they’re holding on.

North America Week 10

Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9 had a good showing this week going 2-0. Granted TSM had an easier schedule but they still pulled through quite well with their new support Lustboy. A was a little surprised by CLG’s performance this week as they lost both their games this week. Dignitas has slipped back into the middle of the pack again not picking up any games as well. Evil Geniuses surprising stomped Curse super hard with only one death. compLexity lost to LMQ but won against DIG which is good for them.

Interesting Picks

Millenium’s Kerp surprisingly pulled out a Zilean mid. It resulted in a lot of assists but a win nonetheless. Curse’s Quas used Shen but it wasn’t effective enough vs EG who snowballed hard.

Looking Forward To In Week 11

It’s the last week, Super Week. This is the time to see who will make it to playoffs. I still think Alliance and Fnatic will be 1st and 2nd but with SK Gaming looking good in their last game of the week, they might come back strong for the 3rd spot. SUPA HOT CREW and Millenium have what it takes to snag 3rd as well. The Wolves got flattened by Alliance in their last game so I hope they recover for Super Week.

On the NA side, CLG needs to figure out what’s wrong to get back on the horse because they have not been playing as well. Cloud 9 and TSM are looking like their dominant selves again and it looks like compLexity could very well get a spot in playoffs if they can win their matches in Super Week. It’s not likely but it seems they have the best chance.

The 3rd Worlds pick for EU I have to include SK Gaming in the running because it seems like they fixed their problems. I honestly think now that Cloud 9 and TSM can make Worlds if CLG don’t fix what’s wrong.

Super Week will show all and we’ll see the first relegated teams for this split.

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