Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 9


Europe Week 9

Alliance and Millenium have come back into form as they went 2-0 in the week. Fnatic as well went 2-0. However they did not play each other but arguably weaker teams or Gambit who are having big problems. I honestly think they should start looking towards relegation at this rate. SK Gaming are on the decline for some reason which is odd because they did well last split and earlier this split. I really wonder if it’s the patch changes they’re trying to get accustomed to. I don’t know where Copenhagen Wolves and SUPA HOT CREW will end up. They’re both teams that can make it to the playoffs. ROCCAT went 0-2 in the week, ending their winning streak but I don’t think it should affect them, nor should it.

North America Week 9

compLexity wasn’t able to upset teams this week but Evil Geniuses was able to take a win off of Counter Logic Gaming which was impressive to see. Cloud 9 and LMQ went 2-0 however Cloud 9 had an easier schedule and still looked like they needed to work for their wins, especially against Curse. LMQ’s Ackerman did some great work on top lane Gragas. Team Solo Mid won against compLexity but TSM felt they needed a change to get to worlds so they swapped Gleeb out for Lustboy, an experienced Korean player. Dignitas broke the curse and won a match on Sunday but lost the day before.

Interesting Picks

I totally forgot to mention Xerath being picked up more by a lot of mid laners, especially the European mid laners. This we is about junglers though. Alliance’s Shook pulled out Jungle Riven and convincingly pulled it off helping the team get their wins. Fnatic’s Cyanide was the one to pull out the highly anticipated Jungle Maokai and did well on that going 0/1/5. Gambit’s Diamond used Rammus in the same Fnatic Maokai game. It did alright considering Gambit’s current status. LMQ’s Vasilii pulled out Ezreal to apparently counter a Tristana pick, and apparently it works!

Looking Forward To In Week 10

Fnatic vs Alliance will be an insanely good game if both bring their A game. Gambit may not be able to go to Worlds but they sure can shake up ROCCAT and SUPA HOT CREW. SK Gaming really needs wins to keep their spot in playoffs or risk relegation. Cloud 9’s matches vs DIG and LMQ will be good because I feel DIG and C9 are even and LMQ is a hurdle C9 needs to get motivated for Super Week 11. CLG vs Curse and TSM vs CLG are matchups that’ll be fun to watch as well. Now for my top 3 teams for Worlds that I said I would decide on. For each region (in no particular order), my picks are Alliance, Fnatic and Millienium for EU. For NA I’d definitely choose LMQ and CLG but my 3rd pick is still up for grabs due to the addition of Lustboy onto TSM. Right now the 3rd pick is TSM. We’ll see how they and all the other teams do in Week 10.

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