Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 8


Week 8 things cool off and teams are showing some odd behavior. Let’s go over what went down.

Europe Week 8

For EU LCS, first want to cover Alliance and SK Gaming. Both teams came out strong in the split but now it seems that they’re falling off as each team lost both their games. Alliance’s Wicked said they’re ready for Week 9 so let’s see what they’ve got left. SK Gaming I’m a bit worried about because they usually have a poor laning phase but make up for it in the late game. Now with their late game shot, they really need to shape up in all periods of a game. ROCCAT, Fnatic and the Copenhagen Wolves have all stepped up their game and each went 2-0 in the week. Gambit Gaming has some inner turmoil so I sadly see them getting relegated at this rate. Darrien and Diamond got benched for this week but Diamond is coming back or the rest of the split.

North America Week 8

In the NA LCS everyone was wondering if Curse had what it took to make it to Worlds thanks to their 3-1 performance last week. The answer is…. we don’t know. Despite their hard schedule last week, Curse fell flat and went 0-2 against Evil Geniuses and compLexity (that 80 mins game was intense!), the two weakest teams in the NA LCS. Not good. I’m not sure if that last week was a fluke or not. We’ll have to see if they can play better this week but against Dignitas and Cloud 9 I’m not sure. Speaking of, Dignitas is another team that fell flat going 0-2 as well. I really think teams are figuring out how to play against Dignitas in addition to adapting to the patches faster. Cloud 9 went 1-1 losing to Team Solo Mid which is rare but giving C9’s current condition, it’s not too surprising. Counter Logic Gaming and LMQ are the teams that went 2-0 and are tied for 1st at the moment. I’m glad that CLG got back into focus as their Super week didn’t seem all there to me. For Evil Geniuses, sadly it looks like relegation for them despite their 1-1 in the week.

Interesting Picks

Millienium’s Jree used Blitzcrank this week and it pulled out a win for them… no pun intended. Gragas and Yorick have seen some play in the top lane to some success. Fnatic’s Rekkles actually pulled out his Vayne which he did super well with (9/1/8).

Predictions For Week 9

I expect good performances by ROCCAT, if they keep up morale, and Fnatic in the EU LCS. The Wolves I’m not so sure, I’m thinking 1-1 at best since they face Fnatic and SK Gaming. We’ll see if Alliance and SK Gaming whipped themselves back into shape this week. In NA, I expect TSM, CLG and LMQ to do well. DIG and C9 right now are a hit and miss at the moment. This week will be Curse’s chance to show that Super Week wasn’t a fluke for them. compLexity I’m interested in watching because they’re usually the wildcard. After week 9, I’ll make a prediction for top 3 teams for Worlds.

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