Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Patch Preview Thoughts

So it looks like things take a huge turn for the worse as Dry Top gets invaded by… roots? Also, it may not just be Dry Top as the camp in Timberline Falls gets attacked by roots as well.

I have to say this will be an interesting turn of events. It looks like the living story heroes try to find the “root” of the problem as they venture in what looks to be an underground chasm. I knew that Dry Top mine had more inside! This makes me think this the content will be similar to the Tower of Nightmares. Maybe most or all of it will be instanced and there will be an area.

I’m not sure how this episode will “entwine” with the Gates of Maguuma but hopefully it’s a fluid process for the story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m highly anticipated for this content. As for the content itself, this was a question I had in the back of my mind: how will players that didn’t do Gates of Maguuma see Dry Top in Entanglement? Think about it. In the video, Dry Top and it’s citizens were wrapped in thorny vines. If a person who hasn’t done Gates of Maguuma story line starts during Entanglement, it doesn’t make sense. That is unless the Dry Top change in scenery are instanced but that could affect the flow of the story. Ideally, Dry Top should be as is. When you start the instance, Dry Top can change to it’s thorny substitute but when you leave the instance, you should be in a different area to keep some sort of immersion of the story.

It also looks like giants are getting in on the action. Not sure if it’s highly relevant or was just a taste of enemies to come. With all those roots, I can’t help but feel this is some sort of “project” Scarlet left behind. Or maybe it’s a bit of the power shown by the dragon we woke up.

In conclusion, the patch should be interesting story wise. I’m highly curious how it’ll go with the Story Journal and I hope the flow from the current patch to this one is good. I’ve been putting it off but I also hope that the desert look that Asura has isn’t hard to get! More immersion for the area is best immersion after all.

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  1. It would be cool if we saw more of the giants, the giant slayer achievement must be one of the hardest out there to achieve!

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