Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 7


Week 7 is super week and featured some interesting surprises and upsets. Let’s break it down a bit.

Europe Week 7

For EU LCS, I want to first cover ROCCAT. They went 3-1 in Super Week losing to Fnatic. I think it’s exactly what they needed to pick up again so we’ll see if the confidence transitions into next week. Copenhagen Wolves made an upset taking a game off of Alliance and quite handily as well! Fnatic looked really good in the Super Week, especially the support YellowStar. Gambit seems to be off losing all of their games. It seems they lost their synergy. SK Gaming looked a bit off this week getting utterly dumpstered by Alliance.

North America Week 7

This week in the NA LCS was definitely about Curse. They went 3-1 against top teams losing to only TSM. Xpecial did exceptionally well looking like his All Star self on Thresh. compLexity played the “blue shell” role beating Dignitas. Actually, complexity did really well in the week. Mistakes were made but they played well overall. Team Solo Mid is looking better going 3-1. Dignitas can’t shake the last day losses and went 2-2. Counter Logic Gaming looked a bit less stronger this week going 2-2 as well. Evil Geniuses sadly did not pick up any wins and I guess we can assume it means they’re getting relegated unless they get an amazing comeback. Cloud 9 is still not in the greatest of shapes and with 4.11 patch coming in, it’ll be even harder.

Interesting Picks

ROCCAT’s Overpow used Xerath and was able to have a better game on it. Fnatic’s Rekkles used Vayne vs Gambit. Despite the range on the current ADCs, Rekkles was able to do well. Twisted Fate is getting a lot more play now. C9’s Balls used Mundo and was super tanky early so he was able to peel for the rest of his team for a win.

Predictions For Week 8

I’m interested to see how ROCCAT, Curse and compLexity do this week. Considering their successes (or near successes) I want to see if they have what it takes to make play offs. SK and C9 I’ll be watching for improvement as they haven’t been looking as well as they have been. So who will be top 3 by next week in each region? Especially with NA having 4 ties for first? Can’t wait to find out!

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