Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 6


Week 6 has a change of pace in Europe and NA proves to be a place where anyone can win.

Europe Week 6

In EU LCS everyone went one and one except for Alliance who went 2-0 and ROCCAT who sadly went 0-2. It seems ROCCAT’s main issue is confidence at the moment. Rather, the problem is that they lack it. I’m a little worried that they won’t have enough in order to try to not get relegated. SK Gaming is another team I’m a bit worried about. They seem to be a bit out of sorts lately. Hopefully it doesn’t transition badly into Super Week.

North America Week 6

This week in the NA LCS every team won and lose a game each! Again! And on blue side to boot! The strangeness of this is just amazing. I really don’t have much to say other than every team is finding their stride. I would be a bit worried about Evil Geniuses and Curse at the moment. Really surprised compLexity took a game off of Cloud 9 though. I’ll definetly be looking towards Super Week where I think we’ll all get a view of how these teams are really doing.

Interesting Picks

Korea made Kog Maw popular again and this champ has appeared in the EU and NA LCS with decent success. Tristana and Skarner also made an appearance due to the changes in the 4.10 patch. They both had some success here and there. Sona was used by Bubbadub vs C9 and did well. Ryze made an appearance. Support Karthus made an appearance as well.

Predictions For Week 7

No real predictions but more observations as to tell me how each team is doing. Hopefully, we’ll see some upsets. I’m guessing out of all the teams in NA and EU, Alliance has the best chance to go 4-0. We shall see what happens!

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