The Gates Of Maguuma Are Opening July 1st!

First watch that video above if you haven’t already. All done? Ok, let’s get started!

So the first shot was of Labyrinthine Cliffs. At first I thought “oh wow this is nice” then bam! rockets from the sky fall onto the scaffolding then the music got epic.

Then we get a shot of our LS heroes in what looks like to be the Maguuma Jungle (which… makes sense…). What was cool is that Taimi finally got into her golem Scruffy (at least that’s the first time I’ve seen her in Scruffy). Some cutscenes fo the surrondings an inquest golem Braham is about to smash in and a scene of Rox and Braham walking through the desert sands towards something. The video ends with Labyrinthine Cliffs in ruins and the “Gates of Maguuma” title card comes into view.

So.. Who Shot First?

Jokes aside, who was it that bombarded Labyrinthine Cliffs?! Could it have been remnants of Scarlet’s army, wanting a little payback? Could it have been Inquest? Or maybe it’s an unknown third party. Most importantly, how will the destruction of the Labyrinthine Cliffs tie in with the Maguuma Jungle area which is quite a ways away from Labyrinthine Cliffs.

Maguuma Area Confirmed For LS Season 2

Mostly everyone got it right with the leylines from LS Season 1 activating in that direction. It’s nice to have it confirmed though. And all our LS heroes will be there! I seriously can’t wait for Taimi to kick some butt with Scruffy!

Through The Desert Sands

So it looks like we’ll be fighting some devourers and Inquest but there’s one scene that’s keeping me in a bit of suspense. That is where Braham and Rox were walking to through that desert storm. If that’s actually part of the story, I’m wondering just where they were heading to.

I guess all our answers will start being answered next week. That video has got me a bit hyped for the new LS season. Again, can’t wait for July 1st to come around.

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