Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 5


Week 5 we see a swap as NA LCS performs first and EU LCS on the weekend! Of course that doesn’t mean there are games to talk about so let’s hop into it!

Europe Week 5

EU LCS was in London for this week. Gambit Gaming had 4 subs play this week due to VISA issues so not much was expected from Gambit this week. However, they did put up good matches against Fnatic and ROCCAT. ROCCAT did well this week vs Millenium as well. Fnatic recently picked up Araneae (Millenium’s ex jungler) as a coach/analyst. It didn’t stop Millienium from beating Fnatic though. If they keep it up, I think Millienium has a really good chance to go to worlds. Alliance dominate this week beating SK Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves. SUPA HOT CREW got a new support, ,was against SK and the Wolves. They were able to get a game off the Wolves.

North America Week 5

This week in the NA LCS every team won and lose a game each! TSM seem to be coming back to it’s potential as they did well in both their games this week coming close to winning against Dignitas. Bjergsen looked a bit off this week though so I hope he can get use to shot calling while making the plays. Speaking of Dignitas, they seem to gain confidence in their first game and lose the other one. They gotta work on it or something, I have no idea what’s up with that. Cloud 9 is another team picking it up againts the split progresses but they’re not quite there just yet. CLG have been looking as the most consistent team so far in my opinion, even after losing to Curse. Also, Curse have been looked really good this week considering they fought C9 and CLG. Evil Geniuses and compLexity still need work but maybe they can be a threat because quite honestly, these teams are the biggest wildcards taking wins off the top teams when least expected.

Interesting Picks

Champs that made it in this week quite a bit were Jarvan the 4th, and Jinx. Jarvan is a great champion but it seems that bruisers in the jungler aren’t as effective right now. I found that the Jinx pick was an especially interesting frequency. I guess with the addition of Braum players starting picking her up again.

Predictions For Week 6

For Europe, I’ve be watching Millenium and ROCCAT as they both have matches against SK and Alliance. Let’s see how they fair. For North America, TSM faces CLG and LMQ so those will be games to look forward to. Dignitas faces LMQ and CLG the next day so we’ll see if that win first day lose the next day trend continues. And that’s Week 5! See ya  for Week 6!

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