Scarlet’s War: Reflecting On The Villain

I didn’t have much to talk about this week on the Guild Wars 2 front. However, ArenaNet put out some videos on Scarlet so I’d like to go back and reflect on Scarlet as a character and what her role was in Living Story season one.

First off there were 2 videos ArenaNet put out this week. One was on Scarlet’s War (video above). The other video featured Scarlet’s voice actor, Tara Strong, and her thought process of playing the role of Scarlet. I think most of us when we first saw Scarlet in the Clockwork Chaos patch, we thought of Harley Quinn (and loot of course). A quick recap in case you didn’t know: Scarlet Briar was originally called Ceara. Ceara had a prestigious scientific background, even among Asura, but someone (in this case something) took over her thoughts for lack of better words which lead to the Scarlet we know today.

I like this type of character. Chaotically fun in a dark way. You also have to give Scarlet credit for making odd alliances as well: Dredge, Flame Legion, Krait, Nightmare Court, pirates. That’s a lot of different groups. It’s obvious she was driven to madness and ending up doing the events of Living Story season one but I wonder if it was her drive, or what was corrupting her to make her gather an army, do the experiments she did all in order to attack Lion’s Arch and to puncture the leylines. Near and after the Battle for Lion’s Arch I felt as if Scarlet was trying to awaken or unlock something. I mean, why else would you place a drill half the size of Claw Island in LA? In this case it was a dragon (assuming it was a dragon). But was it to release the dragon in order for it to reek havoc, or was it in order to kill it? It made me wonder if Scarlet had some sort of plan or weapon to fight against the dragon; to free herself from it’s grasp. Or maybe she wanted to free the dragon all along. I guess we’ll never know… or will we? (Taimi might discover something). It might be just me, but I feel like there’s something… missing. Maybe it was the point I made that makes me think so. Or maybe it was that smile she had on her face when the cinematic rolled in after killing her. I still strongly feel that Scarlet will come back to life somehow in some way.

Scarlet was the villain of Living Story Season 1 but I wonder if we’ll feel the same after Season 2 if Scarlet is brought up in the story somehow. I could be totally wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) and Scarlet was just corrupted to be a villain and that’s the end of that. Time will tell, but hopefully Season 2 of Living Story will be even better in story telling overall and keeps us players intrigued each Living Story patch.

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