Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 4


Week 4 seemed a lot more cooled down after Week 3. Which is kind of good as least week almost got me too hyped. So let’s go over Week 4!

Europe Week 4

ROCCAT was showing some form of life as they beat Copenhagen Wolves and SUPA HOT CREW. I’ll excuse the Wolves because one of their players was sick. Hopefully ROCCAT’s wins helps boost some confidence in them. Alliance showed that they are not invincible (it’s been a while) as Gambit Gaming took a win off of them. Froggen was on Anivia too! Fnatic is also showing signs of life as they did well in their 2 games and took a win off of SK Gaming. Millienium is in good form as they won both their matches. SUPA HOT CREW had a rough week losing both their matches; a few mistakes here and there they need to work on.

North America Week 4

Now I did say Week 4 was more cooled down but man TSM was on fire this week. I guess it’a thanks to their new coach LocoDoco. They convincingly won both their matches where one of their matches was against C9! Another set of interesting games was Curse’s. Curse did well despite playing Dignitas and LMQ; they even took a game off of LMQ. Dignitas, like Alliance, showed that they weren’t invincible as they lost to Cloud 9. Evil Geniuses showcased their test jungler Helios from Korea. They didn’t pick up any wins but Helios showed he had good early game pressure. compLexity swapped Kez in for Brokenshard who had Visa issues (and is currently a permanent replacement). Their games were against CLG and TSM so it’s fair that they lost since TSM straighten out and CLG always looks solid. LMQ dropped a game to Curse. I personally believe it was due to a heavy AD comp.

Interesting Picks

NocturneBraum and Rengar came out to play. Rengar’s burst was great but if the enemy team could survive to initial burst they could turn the fight around. Braum was a strong pick for sure despite the win-lost ratio. Nocturne came out as a good map pressure pick.

Predictions For Week 5

For Europe Millienium will be interesting to watch as they face Fnatic and ROCCAT. SK Gaming will play a match against Alliance so that’s another game to look forward to. ROCCAT and Fnatic will be teas to see if they improved. For North America, I’ll be looking at TSM and Curse. TSM will have a good test to see if their coach helped them by playing Dignitas. Well, that wraps up Week 4! See ya next week!

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