Age’s Site Update For June 2014


Hey guys! I wanted to give you a quick update for this month. It won’t be long I promise!

League of Legends Jungler guide and All-in-one LoL guide post

Since the new Summoner’s Rift is coming in soon, I decided to hold onto the Jungle guide so I can get the new camp images in. The all in one guide post will be put out shortly after the jungle guide is up. I changed my mind, I’m going to put this out next week and update it when new Summoner’s Rift VU is out.

Game Deals Page

So I’ll be adding a game deals page that’ll be up on Monday (June 16th) that will be featured on the home page of the site. basically it provides you guys with discounts for relatively new or upcoming games. It helps support me and Gamebreaker TV out. I’ll update the page as much as possible. I may have something like a sticky on the side so you guys know which games have been added or removed.

Guild Wars 2 and LCS Weekly Posts

Still going to put out a post for both GW2 and LCS every week. As you’ve may have noticed I’ve recently post the LCS stuff on Thursday (might shift to Wednesday) and GW2 stuff on Friday. I’ll probably do a Fantasy LCS post to tell you how I picked my team and how I manage my roster each week.

E3 and all the Alphas and Betas!

Since E3 is over I might do a post next week about E3 thoughts. I got into Destiny Alpha & Beta and Battlefield Hardline beta so I might do a writeup on those as well.

And that’s all for now, hope you guys have a good weekend! Happy gaming!

– Age

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