WvW Rewards: Thoughts On Distribution Methods

mistforged-bowHey guys. Maybe some of you have been waiting patiently, like me, twiddling your thumbs in hopes of claiming some WvW rewards after the Spring 2014 tournament. Why we’re waiting? because some rewards were not distributed properly.

Post Tournament

For example, I was on Blackgate. Despite holding out on the 2v1 during the first few weeks we got bumped down to fourth by the end of the tournament. Since 1st place gets 500 tournament tickets and proceeding servers get 50 less than the previous server (2nd gets 450, 3rd gets 400 and so on). Blackgate players that finished the WvW meta should have gotten 350 tickets. I got 400 when I opened my chest. I didn’t realized I got 50 more tickets until I checked the forums and the standings. I also found out some people didn’t get their chest via in-login popup like I did. Since this happened there’s been a delay for the NPC to deliver the rewards.

First off, yes I agree with people that the distribution of rewards should have been tested out well before the end of the tournament (there’s a PBE type of server as well as internal right?). Anyways, June 17th everyone will get their rewards. The Battle Historian will have each person’s reward chest. I’d like to share a way that the rewards could have been distributed.


Some people didn’t get their WvW reward chests which caused people to complain which ultimately lead to the rewards delay. I think mailing the chests to us was the best way. It’s done for gem store purchases. It’s does to signal living story. Why not for the WvW rewards chests? Instead of login pop ups or making enter WvW for the chest. Why not use the method that’s been proven works? The only reason I would think they couldn’t is because of the variation of the chests that made this difficult.

Double Click Tickets

The NPC for rewards is fine. But rather than that, why not have a double click ticket feature much like how Black Lion Claim Tickets work? Saves players the trouble going to the Rewards Vendor which will only be there for wvW tournament rewards.

In conclusion, ArenaNet should use features that they have such as double click item rather than adding an NPC. Also they should test alternatives well if they choose to such as login-varying rewards as opposed to login items that are the same for everyone.


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