Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 3


Week 3. Man… week 3. Week 3 was special, especially for NA which made me throw out any and all projections I had for the week. Let’s jump into it.

Europe Week 3

Alliance and SK Gaming are keeping a firm footing on first and second place respectably. Millenium and Supa Hot Crew are the best contenders for 3rd and 4th as they are the most improved coming into this split. Fnatic still trying to find themselves and fix their problems but they need to fix them faster or they’ll lose a lot of footing in the standings. Gambit Gaming are looking better this week with NiQ meshing more with the team. Copenhagen Wolves couldn’t get a win this week but they seem to have a decent footing for their gameplay. ROCCAT is the one I feel in the most trouble at the moment. Despite the skill the players have, it seems they can’t transition that well into the mid game.

North America Week 3

North America… just… holy crap. If you didn’t watch the games for NA LCS, watch the following EG vs C9, DIG vs CLG, and col vs CRS on day 1 and C9 vs CLG and LMQ vs col in day 2. Either the games were upsets, amazing Nidalee spear pressure or was just a very insanely good game. Let’s start with C9. Their first day was hard to take because they got dominated by EG. Day 2 they came back and beat CLG in a close match. Mostly due to Hai’s Nidalee spears mid to late game. C9 at the end of the week looks way more serious in cleaning up their game. Dignitas actually took a lost to CLG where CLG exploited the power of their bot lane to win the early matchup. Crumbzz needs to make sure all the lanes get some love, not just the solo lanes. CLG is looking pretty solid as a team and can take wins. EG is actually looking good with their new AD carry Altec and will Innox getting into more meta champs. I honestly think they have what to takes but they just need to work on mid game decisions. Complexity actually surprised me this week taking a game off of Curse. Complexity looked like a completely different team against them. Curse itself always comes close to winning games but they drop the ball at some point. They have to figure out what’s going on there. Finally TSM. TSM isn’t in a good state. Hopefully their new coach, Locodoco, can help them out but in this week the did not perform well, there’s not clear objectives calling i find and it really hinders their play. They need to work on that and some players need to work on their individual play.

Interesting Picks

Alliance’s Froggen pulled out Anivia this week, in both of his games surprisingly and did really well. It’s Froggen on Anivia, of course he’s going to do well. Millenium’s Kerp used Fizz but to no real success. I guess it was a surprise pick. Complexity’s Prolly used Annie which is a comfort pick for him and which helped his team get a win.

Predictions For Week 4

Fnatic is a team to watch. They’ve been looking down but I believe they picked up an analyst so we’ll see some performance from them. If they do well, they might give Alliance and SK Gaming a run for their money.  TSM is another team to look out for. We’ll see if they will be improvement in individual and team play with the new coach. Complexity, EG and C9 are teams seemingly finding their stride in some respect so we’ll see how they perform this week as well!

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