Tell Me A Story: Introducing The Guild Wars 2 Story Journal


That’s right folks! Living Story Season 2 will be recorded like your personal story!

ArenaNet introduced an interesting feature for next month: the Story Journal. This journal will record your progress in Season 2 of Living Story.

How The Journal Works

Living Story will have notifications like your personal story, leading you to the next area to progress in the living story content for the month which are now called episodes. To unlock an episode aka each Living Story patch in your Hero Panel, you just need to log in when the patch is live. What’s cool is that each unlock episode can be replayed on any character on your account as much as you want. If you missed a patch, you can buy past episodes in the gem store for 200 gems each.

What This Means For Story and Achievements

The story will still be delivered similar to last season but in a more episodal format so that each patch can be tied into the next but not so much as to you don’t know what’s going on if you missed a patch or two. Season 2 of Living Story will move away from the meta-achievements in order to obtain the end reward and will focus more on the storyline. Completing a storyline for an episode will result in the reward instead. Achievements within story steps of an episode will act like so: once an episode is unlocked, you can go try to do any achievements you have; you can even go back and try to complete any left unfinished. ArenaNet stated in their blog that Season 2 achievements be more challenging than in Season One and will result in achievement points AND material rewards.

What Do I Think?

Pretty genius to be honest. You’re no longer forced to log in every two weeks to beat content. Great for players that can get extremely busy. If you’re busy the patch is live you can log in, unlock the episode and come back later on to do it. The smart thing is to put Living Story Season One content in the gem store. A lot of people who came back when the Features Pack hit in April missed out on a lot of living story. This gives them a chance to do it (if they so wish). The price of 200 gems for an episode is isn’t absurdly high either and you can used gold to convert that to gems to get them. It’s also nice that ArenaNet are separating the achievements from the story so that people who want to rewards can do the story and people who want to be completionists and get the achievements the episode has can put in the extra work.

Hopefully all goes well with the feature; I might even buy an episode or two!

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