Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 2



Week 2 is over and now we all have a better grasp at where the strength of the teams are currently at. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Europe Week 2

I have to say that the way things are going, Alliance look like the team to beat. Mechanically, all the players on the team are great; now that they have good decision making and synergy, they’re been on fire. SK Gaming is another team that’s looking good. Granted they have to work on their early game, but any team that can come back from losing the laning phase almost every time is quite a scary team to face. Gambit is looking a bit better with NiQ getting more meshed into the team and with also getting use to LAN. The team that worries me at the moment is ROCCAT. They some to be in a slump of some sort only winning one game in the past two weeks. Their bot lane is barely getting by and they can’t seem to get the right fights. It’s odd that one of the top 4 teams of last split are in last place but I guess they haven’t stepped up as much as the other teams.

North America Week 2

For the North America side of things, it was a test for LMQ to see if they can compete with the top teams at the moment: Cloud 9 and Dignitas. LMQ lost both matches. I have to say, the match versus C9 was the best match of the split so far but LMQ got a teamfight they didn’t want and it gave C9 a lead they didn’t give up. The match versus Dignitas was more convincingly in DIG’s favor. Cloud 9 seem to be getting back into form. Dignitas looks insanely good right now, Crumbzz being the one snowballing everyone so well. TSM seem to be in  bit of a block at the moment. They lost to CLG and DIG. I hate to point fingers but I have to say that the new guys Amazing and Gleeb are partially to blame. Amazing has 4 junglers which are the top junglers at the moment but when the enemy team bans 3 of them and first pick the 4th, it leaves Amazing with a pick he’s less comfortable with. He needs to pick up at least 2 or 3 more jungle champions in case he gets banned out. I think Gleeb has the LAN jitters or something. His stats in both games were negative and that’s never good. I’m hoping it’s just stage fright that’s keeping him from playing well otherwise the bot lane will be horribly crippled. WildTurtle I have to say has been a bit more wild being up front and out of position sometimes. He has to reign that in a bit.

Interesting Picks

Copenhagen Wolves’ Top laner YoungBuck pulled out Vlad in a game. I like Vlad but since Vlad was used as a top laner, he’s kind of fallen out in this meta versus brusiers and fighter champions. Millenium’s Mid laner Kerp used Karthus but wasn’t able to get enough damage to get a lot of damage or kills in team fights. CLG’s support Aphromoo used Alistar in addition to Mid laner Link’s Orianna for the Ball Selivery System (part 2); always fun to see. Some ADCs came out. Kog Maws and Corkis, Curse’s ADC Cop used Jinx but Ifind Jinx or Kog Mow should only be picked if you have a Thresh for lanterns. That being said, Cop did ok wth a Morgana support. Imaqtpie used Exreal and did good work with NAmi support. Evil Geniuses jungler Snoopeh used Jarvin The 4th but wasn’t able to get positive results in team fights. TSM’s jungler Amazing picked Volibear but wasn’t too usefully with only 2 damage sources on the team.

Predictions For Week 3

Alliance will probably lead the top of the table at the end of the week. Millienium can prove to me they’ve got what it takes if they beat  SK Gaming. I think Fnatic will do well if they focus; the easier schedule helps. For North America, TSM vs LMQ will be interesting. If TSM’s bot lane can perform it’ll be even otherwise I’d give it to LMQ. DIG vs CLG and C9 vs CLG will be games to be looking forward to. Who gets first at the end of the week could depend on if DIG and C9 win or lose versus CLG. Should be a good bunch of games!

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