Brace Yourselves, Guild Wars 2 Living Story Season 2 Is Coming!


It’s coming; in one month, Season Two of Guild Wars 2 Living Story starts on July 1st!

So it looks like Festival of Four Winds isn’t the actually start to Living Story as ArenaNet recently published the photo above. The festival will be around to keep us busy for the next month for fun at least. So let’s take a guess at how this new arc of Living Story is going to start. Note that this won’t be a long post but something to think about.

Taking a Look Back

At the Scarlet victory bar gathering, an unexpected visitor came by: Marjory’s sister, Belinda. Belinda is a Seraph soldier but told Marjory that in a week that she’ll be going on an expedition into the Brisban Wildlands. Well remember that cut scene after we killed Scarlet? (If you didn’t know by know you should know that we killed Scarlet at the end of the 1st Living Story Season). That leyline that was punctured headed off into the area near Brisban. Coincidence? I think not!

What I Think Will Happen

So naturally I’m thinking (and you probably have as well) that this expedition is going to get hit by the (Elder) Dragon we woke up. By the Dragon itself or it’s minions. This will lead our band of hero NPCs to scout the area for the expedition. To keep the story interesting, I’m going t assume that Belinda will either be dead or possessed by the Dragon but we’ll find out at the end of Season. If we find out of either one somewhere in between the season, it’ll be for the dramatic effect on Marjory. Or… ArenaNet could just have Belinda injured and we find her somewhere nearby Brisban… (sarcasm is hard to project into writing).

So for sure, something will happen to the expedition that will be part of the Living Story because it was setup so well at the bar scene at the end of Season 1. You don’t just bring in a character like Marjory’s sister unless it’s significant. Well, we have a month to speculate, go back and find some Easter eggs but that’s my preliminary guess as what’s going to happen so far.

Do you have any theories? Feel free to share below!

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