Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 1


It begins! A new split, a new post! Let’s break down Super Week and all that has happened!

Europe Week 1

Off the bat, the most surprising performance came out of Millienium! They went 3-1 and looked really good. This being said, they did go against some of the easier teams so we will see how they fair in Week 2. Gambit took a hit with Alex Ich leaving and didn’t do too great going 1-3. I think the new mid laner, Niq, just needs to get use to the LCS stage because the rest of Gambit see to like him and want to keep him around. Fnatic looked a bit off in their first two games but it was against Alliance and SK Gaming so I can’t fault them too much. They rallied back against Supa Hot Crew and Copenhagan Wolves. Speaking of these two team, they each got some new pickups. For Supa Hot Crew they picked up wewillfailer as a Support and Selfie as the mid laner. Copenhagen Wolves picked up Woolite as their ADC and Airwaks as their Jungler. Supa Hot Crew seem to be doing alright going 2-2 while Copenhagen Wolves seems to be struggling a bit going 1-3. Alliance and SK Gaming were unchanged and did really well both going 3-1.

North America Week 1

For the North America side of things, Cloud 9 isn’t on top! With Hai’s hospitalization and All Stars, the team didn’t have a lot of practice with their mid lane shotcaller. This lead to the team going 2-2 which is quite new to see for Cloud 9 in a Super Week. Team Solo Mid did well. They got new players: Amazing from Europe as a jungler and Gleebglarbu as the support. Even thought they dropped a game to Cloud 9, they were able to win their other matches. Gleeb even carried hard on one match. Counter Logic Gaming did alright losing to TSM and C9 going 2-2 in the week. They have a new top laner: Seraph from Korea so it might take a bit of time for him to settle into the CLG playstyle. Now, LMQ. Man did this team did work. They got matches up with the lower placed teams last split and Complexity for their first 4 matches and won them all. Not too surprised since they dominated the Challenger Series. Curse picked up Xpecial as their support but it doesn’t seem like it made much of a difference as they went 1-3 in the week. Complexity was an unknown for me. They did have Prolly who has played in the LCS before but the rest of the team was a factor. They went 1-3 but surprisingly got the one win off of C9 which was a surprise to pretty much everyone since they lost the three previous games. Evil Geniuses proved that they have a lot to work on. They went 0-4 in the week facing off against pretty much tough teams. even though they didn’t win a match, they looked a bit alright, especially against LMQ.

Interesting Picks

From Europe there was a Yorick jungle from CW’s Airwaks. I could see it working but Yorick would need a bit of farm to get rolling which didn’t happen. In North America, Curse’s Cop tried Miss Fortune out but couldn’t get much out of the pick. LMQ’s NoName pulled out jungle Nunu and did well with it. Not sure if it’ll get picked again. DIG’s Imaqtpie pulled out Draven for an ADC and did pretty well getting over 400 cs. Hai used Twisted Fate in a game versus DIG but was shut down too much to have any effect. EG’s Snoopeh used Vi in the jungle against CLG and did fairly well but it wasn’t enough against CLG. Xpecial pulled out Annie versus LMQ but it seems that LMQ knew how to deal with the Annie engages to take the win.

Predictions For Week 2

It’s hard to say but I’m going will Alliance and SK Gaming for the top of the table for a while. These are the teams that haven’t changed and have the best gameplay in Europe at the moment. I say Millienium is kinda an unknown factor still. They did well and it shows that they;ve been practicing but I still need to see more games to know for sure. For North America, I want to say LMQ but I’m going to reserve my decision until the end of Week 2 when they face TSM and C9. Curse and EG need to step up if they want to compete. col as well needs to step up more but I guess it’s mroe ok for them because the team is mostly new to the LCS. Week 2 looks to be interesting especially in NA games. Can’t wait to see them!

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