Age’s Site Update For May 2014


Hey guys!

Age here again! First off, I’ll like to say thanks to all of you following my blog. I know I’m “weekly poster” type of person and I don’t really have a set date of when I release a post. With all my projects and other life things going on, I try to keep up as best as I can. No new game post this week because of something I have this week/weekend. However, this post is to highlight some stuff that’s been going up as well as some end of the month things.

So let’s talk Guild Wars 2 first. I’ve been revving up on these posts again to once a week. I try to have a good topic for you guys that’s being talked about or as one of my tin foil hat theories (of which I have that I’ll share soon). Living story is kicking off again so I’m glad I have some content to run around doing. Surprisingly it’s refreshing to do the Crown Pavillion again. Unsurprisingly, I’m frustrated at the Gauntlet again (curse you Liandri!!!!) but I’ll definitely try to finish it this time. Kind of side tracked a bit but all to say that you can look forward to weekly GW2 posts!

Now, onto League of Legends. Some of you may have seen my updated version of my Basics guide. The last bit (jungler) I’ve been holding back because I’ve been recently messing around with a few builds I like. This resulted in some changes for the other lane guides so I want to see if these runes and masteries are up-to-snuff. So that’s why the Jungler guide is delayed. I’ll be revamping the other lane guides if my new setup proves to be better. Of course I still plan to do a final post to all the links to the guide sections.

LCS stuff! Since the summer split has started you can look forward to my weekly summaries of the LCS. I’m even more into now because of the Fantasy LCS Riot is running.

For Heroes of the Storm, I didn’t get in Tech Alpha yet. Hopefully, *fingers crossed*, I can get in in a few months so I can finally try it out. I’ve been trying to stay away from it and most info so that I could get a “newbie” perspective to Heroes so, again, hopefully!

Also, and I have to double check some things on this, I’ll be having a featured section on the home page of the site that has gaming deals! These deals will usually be discounts on selected upcoming game titles. These deals help me and Gamebreaker TV out; so in the future you may want to check out that page when it goes live!

And that’s all for now! Again thanks for following, I rather enjoy scrounging up stuff to write and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Have a good one and stay awesome!

– Age

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