Guild Wars 2: The Festival Of The Four Winds Is Breezing In Next Week

Festival-of-the-four-winds ArenaNet want to celebrate the Chinese launch of Guild Wars 2 with the return of some past Living Story content! Zephyr Sanctum and Crown Pavillion will be returning next week in the Festival of the Four Winds patch and I am quite happy about it!

Isn’t It Just The Same Content?

So yes, from what I understand it is the same content: same mini games, same bosses, the whole shebang. I think it’s minus the Gnashblade vs Kiel bit. Or maybe not! I did like that a lot of the community role played that super well. I definitely thing the Scarlet invasions won’t come back though. What makes these things good is that people can potentially go back and gather the achievements they missed and beat the bosses in the Queen’s Gauntlet they missed. For me that’d be Liadri the Concealing Dark. Man that’s a pain to beat. I was in school at the time of this content so it’d be great if I could finish off the achievements I missed. If no then no biggie. I assume there will be a new set of achievements to go for in this case. Completionist mode: On.

Is There Something New?

If you’ve done it all already then don’t fret because it looks like there’s something new. There’s a ship in Zephyr Sanctum around 0:16 seconds of the preview video which I’m pretty sure is new so I’ll be looking into that. Other than that, it’s a mystery of what’s coming up that’s new. Who knows? ArenaNet might be pulling a fast one on us just giving us content we’ve had access to in the past along with a bit of new stuff then BAM! It’s Clockwork Chaos like content all over again. Oh man, my theory wheels are turning in my brain again. I, for one, can’t wait to see what things I can do (and hopefully finish) along with any new stuff that comes along the way. I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

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