Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Playoffs


The playoffs for Spring 2014 is over and we’ve got the teams and pro players heading to All Stars. Let’s break down what happened last week.

Europe Spring Playoffs

Alright so! Congrats to Fnatic for coming back into winning their 3rd consecutive split. I have to start this off by talking about Gambit Gaming. I was really REALLY surprised by their performance. It didn’t look like they were ready. Maybe it was the 4.4 – 4.5 patches that messed them up as these patches really changed the game (and not for the better in my opinion). ROCCAT and SK Gaming looked especially good coming into playoffs. Most of the game were close as I thought they’d be so I couldn’t make predictions. I was a bit scared for Fnatic vs Alliance because of the performance of Gambit the day before but they pulled through. I though the SK vs Fnatic game would go to 5 games but turns out Fnatic only needed 3.

North America Spring Playoffs

In North America a congratulations to Cloud 9 for winning their 2nd consecutive split without dropping a playoff game to boot! So this requires a bit more talking about. I’ll focus more on NA stuff because it’s way easier to predict who would win.

Dignitas brought back Scarra for playoffs which was a weird option. I really don’t think DIG’s management understand the implications of their choices in the past month. I think  that Scarra shouldn’t have been benched in the first place and now all of a sudden he has to play in playoffs. For one thing, Scarra’s mechanics will have fallen off a bit because of the time he’s been coaching and to put pressure on him to play again for playoffs is not the greatest thing in the world. It’s a similar situation to Reginald for one of the Super Weeks but I find it worse for Scarra because Reginald is used to pressure. This sudden change up did not help DIG versus Curse.

CLG versus Coast I expected 2-0 for CLG. No offense to Coast but CLG is just straight up a better team. Shipthur and ZionSpartan can carry yea but it’s a best of 3. I felt CLG would win a best of 3 regardless. CLG versus TSM I was worried for TSM because they were nt used to 4.4 in the last week of the split so I was wondering if they adapted well enough. The first game where CLG won, I feared it was the end for TSM but they brought it back and won 2 games afterwards. Curse vs Cloud 9, I gave it 2-0 to C9 which is what happened. CLG vs Curse I gave t a 2-1 to CLG but it turned out to be a 2-0 for CLG. For TSM vs C9 I gave ot 3-1 to C9 but C9 went 3-0. I didn’t think TSM would win because I felt that they still couldn’t play on the 4.5 patch. They could probably will lane but I felt that TSM would get out-rotated which happened for the most part.

Interesting Picks

From Europe Fnatic did an interesting Heal/Shield comp with Soraka top, Janna bot and Kayle mid. It was really strong. Team fight, disengage, reengage or kite while healing. Alliance’s Froggen used Karthus versus Copenhagen Wolves in 2 games and was quite successful gaining over 350 minion kills in both games. Froggen also used Fizz but it didn’t work out too well. ROCCAT’s Overpow pulled out an Akali which hasn’t been seen in a while. TSM’s Bjergsen did Karma mid a few times. It was successful versus CLG only because of a deciding team fight. I don’t think it’s too strong unless there’s an assassin jungler like Kha Zix o your team. A few Mundos here and there. Nocturne and Xin Zhao pickups in a few games due to the new Feral Flare jungle item (which needs balancing).

Predictions For All Stars

So we have the Season 1 champions Fnatic for EU, the Season 2 champions Taipei Assassins for the Asian region, season 3 champions SKT Telecom 1 for Korea, OMG for China and Cloud 9 from NA for All Stars! I especially want to see how Cloud 9 does being a year since they’ve started professionally competing and dominating NA. I feel all these teams can compete so I can’t really predict who will win. We shall see who comes out on top!

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