Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 11



This is it. The last post for the spring split. Some interesting games for Super Week so let’s break it down a bit.

Europe Week 11

Surprisingly no extra tie breaker matches played but interesting results nonetheless. SK Gaming took the number one spot with Fnatic and Alliance taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. SUPA HOT CREW and Millienium will be facing relegation in 7th and 8th place respectively. Copenhagen Wolves and Millienium played really well this week probably due to the stress relief of their placements being finalized at some point. I was a bit surprised that Gambit Gaming didn’t place high and got 5th. They’ll be looking to rectify that come playoffs.

North America Week 11

For the North America side of things, Cloud 9 tied their summer split record from last year and claimed 1st going 4-0 in Super Week as Team Solo Mid went 2-2 dropping them to 2nd and CLG getting 3rd place.  Evil Geniuses and XDG will be facing relegation in 7th and 8th place respectively. The most impressive showing for me was Team Coast and XDG’s Sheep. Coast really did better with less pressure, even if they lost. XDG’s Sheep was really making a ton of plays on Thresh which I believe was the reason XDG won that one game versus TSM. The most disappointing showing was TSM. They couldn’t get used to the patch quickly enough and did not preform well as a result. I was especially surprised with Bjergsen making notable mistakes. The other teams did fairly well, especially Cloud 9 as per usual.

Interesting Picks

From Europe there a Heimerdinger by Copenhagen Wolves’ Young Buck and Udyr pick from Gambit Gaming’s Diamond. Get this: these picks were for the same game!  It was awesome to see but the Donger proved to be too much to handle which was proven in the Wolves’ next game against SUPA HOT CREW. Fnatics’s Soaz pulled out Yorick which was interesting and he did pretty well with it. Alliance’s Nyph used Nami and showed great utility with her. Finally ROCCAT’s Overpow pulled out a Talon for mid lane but couldn’t carry hard enough to win versus Fnatic. In north America Zuna used Kog Maw but didn’t get much results with it. Coast’s Daydreamin used Zyra but again, no results here either. Sneaky was the first to pull out Corki for this split and showed off the great hybrid damage and re positioning Corki brings to a team. Bjergsen used Syndra quite a bit getting mixed results. And C9’s Meteos used a split pushing Nocturne that actually backdoored the enemy base of Team Coast.

Predictions For Playoffs

For Europe, I think anyone can win it. I feel the teams are strong enough to get their 2 weeks of practice in and do well in playoffs. Gambit Gaming will definitely be hungry. For North America it’ll probably be Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid or Counter Logic Gaming. These three teams are the strongest by far. However Dignitas could sneak in there to as a wildcard considering they’re improving well with GoldenGlue and are seamlessly playing well into the patches. Basically, the top teams that get comfortable with the patch and has good strategies coming into playoffs will do well. Time will tell but it’ll be good games nonetheless!

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