Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 10


Sorry this is a bit late. Ultra Rapid Fire mode too good. Ok so! Week 10 was interesting. Tons of ties in Europe and yet another new person in the LCS.

Europe Week 10

So Europe is living up to being the region with the insanely close standings. It’s really close with the ties for first and the ties for second being one game or loss away between 5 teams. Sadly, Millienium and SUPA HOT CREW will not qualify for playoffs. Which is interesting because they’re playing way better with no pressure now.

North America Week 10

For the North America side of things, I guess I’ll straight up address this: CLG beat TSM. That is a huge step forward for CLG since they were 0-3 vs TSM. CLG are ranked 3rd but man, ever since Dexter came onto the team, CLG have been looking great. They could have been great competition if Dexter was there since the start of the split. Another notable thing is that Dignitas’s Scarra has stepped down to a sub position and GoldenGlue has taken his spot in the mid lane. I’m not sure if this was a great decision with Super Week being the last week. DIG did go 1-1 in the week so the LCS setting didn’t phase GoldenGlue all too much I guess. We’ll see how it transitions into next week.

Interesting Picks

From Europe there was a few Xerath picks. The teams that picked them lost though it didn’t entirely have to do with the pick. I find that with Xerath you really need good positioning since he’s quite immobile (at least I feel that way). Snoopeh pulled out a Nautilus since he was buffed. I can see it working in the future but it was no match for the double stampede composition Dignitas ran. Cloud 9’s Hai pulled out a mid lane Soraka vs Voyboy’s LeBlanc which is a really good counter to be honest. A few Ad Carries pulled out Twitch so it’s good that the Plague Rat is coming back. Cloud9’s Balls pulled out his undefeated Rumble and it stomped face. That ultimate really is a game changer.

Predictions For Week 11

As for the players from EU teams going to All Stars, I really can’t tell. Right now it looks like it will be either SK Gaming, Fnatic or Alliance. Also, one of these team will probably be ranked 1st. In North America I think XDG will be relegated with either EG or Coast. For 1st place it will either be TSM or Cloud 9. It’ll be close but I think it’s in TSM’s favor with C9 playing CLG in Week 11. It’s gonna be a good week of games! Can’t wait!

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