Age’s Site Update For April


Hey all, Age here and I wanted to give an update for the upcoming weeks.

I’ve been posting a lot of Guild Wars 2 stuff lately because ArenaNet is releasing some really good news with their Features Pack as of late. Side note: that wardrobe is one of the best things I’ve heard of this week. The posts will slow down to once a week again when the April Features Pack comes out.

I’ve noticed lately I’ve been getting quite a few hits on my League of Legends basics guide. I feel that it needs an update since Season 4 is different from Season 3 so I’ll be re releasing a Season 4 Basics guide. I renamed the Basics guide that’s out now with Season 3 in the title so both versions will be distinguishable. I’ll just make a post with links to each of the Season 4 guides when I’m done. That will probably be released sometime in April.

I will probably write a review type of thing about games I play that are coming out this year and also do some posts on Heroes of the Storm if I get into alpha/beta (I know quite a few people in alpha at the moment).

LCS week recaps are still going till the end of the split. Speaking of LCS, some other stuff I’ve been doing, besides Gamebreaker writing, is a LoL show called Waypoint for the LoLNationTV YouTube channel. It’s a recap of the news of the week and I work on the LCS portion of the show (writing and editing). Right now we’re focusing on the LCS Big Plays since the show episodes recently got moved to be released on Fridays. There’s also another show on the channel called Summoner Showcase Revival which, you can probably guess, showcases the LoL community’s artistic talents.

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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