Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 9


We’re back with more LCS coverage. I didn’t do a post on the LoL games at IEM Katowice so I’ll do a brief summary in addition to this week’s games.

IEM Katowice

The main thing I wanted to know watching these games is that could EU and NA be a competitive threat to the Asian teams which would be Korea and China. I’m happy to say I was impressed by the results. I honestly thought NA might not get too far since we only had C9 there and I was expecting probably Gambit or Fnatic to win a few matches but not make it all the way. So it was looking I was mostly right in Day 1 but in the end NA and EU fared well by the Kt Roster Bullets took the championship in the end leaving Fnatic in 2nd place. So I guess each of the regions are looking in good shape to be a threat for each other at Worlds.

Europe Week 9

Alliance is on fire right now and is quite honestly one of the top teams to beat sitting in a 3 way tie for 2nd place with ROCCAT and Fnatic. SK is another team looking good despite dropping one map. I’d like to note that both of these teams have risen up from the bottom to bring out their game. It could be very likely that one of these teams take the lead next week if Fnatic and Gambit slip up in Week 10. ROCCAT has a decent chance as well. Sadly, it looks like Millenium will be facing relegation.

North America Week 9

Bjergsen is back with TSM and won both games. I think Week 10 will be interesting as they face CLG and they can’t afford to drop a map. I feel that only C9 or CLG can beat TSM right now and if they drop a map, I think C9 will take that 1 game lead in the standings. EG had to sub in 3 member this week and dropped both maps which is a major hit to them in the standings and they’ll face relegation if they don’t pick up at least 3 wins. XDG’s team is pretty much back to the way last split it was but I think it’s too late to make a difference and I think they’re be facing relegation. Coast has a good chance to get out of relegation.

Interesting Picks

Nyph from Alliance picked Nami and did a great job on her. A few teams have also picked up Karma support in addition to Ryze since he got buffed. Jinx has been coming back a bit more. Imaqtpie picked up Quinn and well, that didn’t go well. Voboy picked Syndra but has still not picked up a win with her. I think he’s better off picking assassins or more burst AP champions like Gragas. Innox of EG picked Jayce but couldn’t produce results needed.

Predictions For Week 10

Week 10 will be interesting in Europe the top 5-6 teams can shift around so much it’ll be fun to watch. I’m going to be keeping my eyes on Alliance and SK Gaming. In NA, I’ll be looking forward to the TSM vs CLG match. Also I’ll be watching Coast, EG and XDG to see how each performs in order to predict who has a real chance of facing relegation.

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