Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 7


Europe Week 7

SK Gaming is looking really good right now. They’ve risen up into a three way tie for first. They could possibly take over the standings next week. Copenhagen Wolves are another team that’s looking really good in a tie for 4th with Fnatic. Fnatic looked like a better team this time around and finally picked up a win. Against Gambit Gaming (with their regular roster). Go figure.

North America Week 7

So new roster swaps for XDG I thought should happen did happen. Xmithie is back in the jungle, Zuna is back on ADC and they picked up a new Support named Sheep. And they beat Cloud 9. It just goes to show that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I like this roster change because Zuna did have a tendency to get caught out or have questionable calls. With him on ADC, he has to keep himself in check and can have a better idea of when to go all in. TSM’s Bjergsen has some Visa issues to solve so mid lane was subbed in by none other than Reginald. One thing that irked me was half the crowd booing him. Sure he’s not the greatest mid laner nowadays and back in Season 3 he managed the TSM business side, coached and played at a high level. If some one could have done that and maintain a good KDA in the process, only then I think the right to boo Reginald is valid. Anyways, ranting aside I didn’t think TSM would win against Cloud 9 but maybe against Dignitas which they did.

Interesting Picks

Morgana is coming back as a top support pick which means I better brush up on my dark bindings. Nocturne came out a few times as a jungle counter gank to Pantheon’s man drop. Millienium’s Kerp pulled out a Swain. I’ve played Swain a few times recently and I feel that Swain isn’t really a strong pick. He picked it against Lulu so it must have been part of the plan. Copenhagen Wolves pick a Vladimir top lane which I was happy to see.

Predictions For Week 8

Week 8 is Super Week which could really make a change in the standings. For Europe, again, the standings are going to get closer and closer. In North America I feel XDG will start winning more matches and become more of a threat since their roster is back to pretty much last season’s and they went to World’s with it. Coast is moving up now that they’ve hit their stride so we’ll see if they can keep it up. What are you looking forward to in Week 8? Let me know in the comments below!

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