Is A Main Character Going To Die At The End Of Living Story?


Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written a Guild Wars 2 post here so I’m going to get back into it. I, along with another writer named Robin, do some GW2 editorials over at in the features section so fell free to check those out. So you’ve read the title. Do you think someone’s going to die at the end of Living Story season one?

The first inkling I got of this started where you had the instance in Lion’s Arch for the Origins of Madness patch. You had optional scenes between:

  • Braham and Rox
  • Braham, Taimi and Logan
  • Logan, Taimi and Marjory
  • Marjory and Kasmeer

Braham had an issue of Rox prioritizing her goal of joining Rytlock’s warband over their partnership. Taimi has this infatuation with Scarlet and has some odd sibling relationship with Braham. Of course Logan is still infatuated with Queen Jenna. Marjory and Kasmeer have what we’ll call a “deep” relationship. I say this since Marjory response to Rox when asked in the instance The Dead End: Advanced Warning if they’re a mated pair that they’re “currently in negotiation.“; but we all know what’s really going on with those two. So I’m guessing one of these characters will possibly die due to a bond 2 or more characters share. After finding out about Scarlet’s background, it’s possible that even she could die.

As you may know from personal story, there are quite a few characters that you meet that die (RIP Tybalt). So it wouldn’t be too surprising if ArenaNet will off another main character. Needless to say, a death of one character would impact at least one of the others. I think the death that would have the most impact would be Marjory. Kasmeer has had a terrible time losing her father and basically her home. Losing Marjory too would have a heavy impact on her.

If I had to choose a character to have a big impact on the player base if they died, it’d be Marjory. For some reason though, I think she’ll stick around. Maybe the mysterious character “E” will finally show them self to have an impact. Maybe it will be Heal-o-tron (or [insert new name next patch]-o-tron) that will sacrifice it’s well being to save us all. Now that’d be an awesome twist. If Scarlet was the one who died, it could be to save us all from a threat we don’t know about which could be the setting for next season Living Story. This also bring me to another point I’m speculating but I’ll do a post about that a bit later.

What do you think? Do you think a main character will die? If so, who do you think it will be? Remember to call it before the concluding living story patch or it doesn’t count!

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  1. For some reason, I think that Rox or Braham would have the highest chance of being sacrificed. I’m not so sure about Marjory, as I haven’t connected with her or Kasmeer. Actually, I find I don’t like either of them, so my bias is coming through. Now if Rox or Braham died, I’d be pretty devastated.

    Rox is unique, as far as Charr go. A creepy little naked devourer following around this insanely wide-eyed Charr who I’ve followed since Flame & Frost. Something about her is unique to me. Her inner conflict with Braham and with her warband; her culture and her heart. Every scene with her actually draws me in more than any other.

    So I’m not sure if it’s a guess so much as a “if this happens, I’ll definitely be devastated and moved.” That could be a good thing as far as narrative goes.

    GW2 has been making great strides in its narration and storytelling. I’m hoping Season 2 will be all the better for what’s yet to come.

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