Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 6


Ok, no real intro for Week 6. I really want to get into it. There’s a few topics I’d like to cover so here we go!

Europe Week 6

Gambit Gaming has a 4 man sub swap because of Visa issues. So only the Support Edward was there. They went one and one so that was good for them. It wouldn’t have been too surprising if they loss both games since the team synergy wouldn’t have been all there. Fnatic surprisingly loss their match this week. I guess winning too much threw them off, now they’ve broken even with 7 wins and 7 losses. SK Gaming have been impressing me lately, they’ve really shaped up. I feel like they’re becoming more like competition.

North America Week 6

Team Coast was the highlight for me again this week. They dethroned Team Solo Mid’s winning streak and it was a flashy ending with Shiphtur pulling out an xPeke on Ahri which was quite amazing. I was quite literally off my seat. Check it out for yourselves here. Counter Logic Gaming is looking like a team to beat nowadays. XDG Gaming had a roster swap around with Zuna as Support and Nickwu in the Jungle. The original  Support BloodWater retired to focus on school and his personal life. The team didn’t look too great in summary. Nickywu had great engages on Wukong but Zuna needs to work on his Thresh. He missed quite a few good hooks.

Interesting Picks

SK Gaming’s Fredy122 pulled out Aatrox and had to lane against ROCCAT Xaxus’s Jax which counters Aatrox. Fortunetly, Fredy was able to stay fairly even in the matchup. Shiphtur pulled out Ahri and again was quite impressive going 12/1/10 and scoring that awesome Nexus kill. Curse’s Quas pulled out Zac in the top lane. I think the pick was to synergize with Yasuo’s ultimate. I wouldn’t say the Zac pick wasn’t impactful but it wasn’t too outstanding either.

Predictions For Week 7

For Europe, it’s going to get so even in the coming weeks. I feel like SUPA HOT CREW and SK can take the top of the standings if they want. I find this makes the EU games more interesting than the NA games. C9 and TSM will stay at the top two again without a doubt. I think the game this week Coast game vs TSM where TSM actually lost was the best game because it was such an upset. I personally like upsets. Well, that and that xPeke on Nexus was so good. Evil Geniuses are slowly creeping up there. I honestly think XDG needs to put Zuna back on AD carry. I saw that he got caught out too much and I feel like he needs a role where he has to put himself in check but to go ham when necessary. Xmithie can go back to the jungle, he was fairly good in that role. I think that composition is what made XDG good last season. I’ll be watching CLG and Coast again along with EG  and XDG for Week 7. What are you looking forward to in Week 7? Let me know in the comments below!

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