Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Spring LCS Week 5


Week 5 was interesting. You’d think there wouldn’t be new picks coming out unless a game changing patch came out. Nope, that’s not the case at all. We’ll also look at the shape of some of the teams in Week 5.

Europe Week 5

I’m really shocked that Fnatic lost both their matches last week. They looked like a team that just didn’t know what to do in the mid game. It was really weird. I also think Rekkles needs to train up on different AD Carries. Jinx was highly successful as a pick for him but with Jinx falling out of favor by LCS players, Lucian, Caitlyn and Sivir are the usual picks now. SK Gaming is looking a lot better these days, beating both Fnatic AND Gambit Gaming. Alliance have this weird inconsistency thing going where they lose matches in odd numbered weeks and win in even numbered weeks.

North America Week 5

Team Coast was the highlight for me this week. They brought back their split pushing strategy where ZionSpartan becomes a super carry and just split pushes mid to late game whenever he could. Also wrecks anyone in his way. It worked super well. Counter Logic Gaming is looking good. With Dexter making the calls, the team looks like they don’t have to depend on the “defend the Doublelift” strat as much. Team Solo Mid still a dominant force leading the pack with 11-1. I’m impressed with Dyrus during this split. I think I’ve said this before but he was always a bit less than stellar last season but still good, so I’m glad he’s doing way better.

Interesting Picks

Alliance’s Froggen pulled out his famous Anivia versus ROCCAT and I, as the casters, wanted to see how Anivia would be in this meta. I’ve played Anivia a few times recently and I find her difficult because of the positioning and timing of your spells. Even thought Alliance lost the match, Froggen was quite amazing on Anivia, check out the match for yourselves here! SUPA HOT CREW’s Mimer pulled out a Lissandra for the top lane. It was ok but I felt it could have been a bit better, maybe a mid lane pick in the future. Coast’s ZionSpartan bought back Jax and no one wanted a piece of the champ. He could utterly beat down two champions and even did so in a 3v1 situation before dying. That’s definitely going to be banned against him unless a strong counter pick is selected. You can check out one of those matches here. Dignitas’s Scarra, pulled out a very surprising pick: Veigar. It was fun to watch because anyone who got close to Scarra when his spells were up got deleted. He bursted C9 Hai’s Kha Zix while in mid jump.

Predictions For Week 6

For Europe, the bottom 5 can swap places so it’s hard to say to will end out where because each team is quite skilled. Alliance, will win their matches for Week 6 if the trend of them winning even week matches follow suit. Fnatic may have had some weird off week. They’ll get back into it hopefully.

C9 and TSM will stay at the top for now. A better question is that how will CLG and Coast measure out. CLG have their full roster and are doing well at the moment. I think they can keep their spot in 3rd. Coast went back to their split push strat and it worked pretty well with ZionSpartan being a boss on Jax. I’m interested if they’ll continue the start and how they’ll adapt when countered by another team. I’ll be watching CLG and Coast quite a bit for Week 6.

What are you looking forward to in Week 6? Let me know in the comments below!

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